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It’s time to speed up your data management with Virtusa’s Data Engineering that provides a fit-for-purpose architecture

The surge in the data generated and captured by organizations is overwhelming. As a result, the ability to harness, manage, and analyze data has become imperative. Moreover, with the availability of a plethora of technology options and differing architectures to choose from, these organizations require expertise to decide on what is the best suitable for them. Other challenges like technology sprawl, a high-tech debt, non-optimal utilization of scarce resources, and multiple processes and frameworks bog organizations down as they strive to build a data-driven decision-making culture.

Virtusa’s data engineering accelerators help these businesses to speed up their data management using industry-leading toolkits that follow a tech-agnostic approach and outcome-driven data pipelines.

Why do clients choose Virtusa?

Virtusa accelerates data transformational programs to derive business insights for its customers by offering a fit-for-purpose architecture, end-user training to improve adoption, and a futuristic global data organization (GDO) that consistently drives business outcomes by:

  • Defining and implementing enterprise-wide data strategy covering data governance, data on the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) adoption
  • Modernizing the data platform to respond quickly to changing market requirements and lower the cost of operations
  • Building scalable solutions with our expertise in machine learning (ML) models, analytical platforms, application programming interfaces (APIs), tools, and programming
  • Defining key process indicators (KPIs) and delivering meaningful insights via reports, dashboards, and advanced data visualization 
Data Engineering Services - Service Capabilities

Make winning real-time decisions with modern data architecture

Virtusa’s consulting offerings help organizations rationalize data assets to develop a data modernization roadmap. Our proven delivery methodology, technology expertise, and a certified pool of global consultants enable businesses to drive seamless data orchestration by:

Analyzing data landscape

Determining the right cloud solution

Enabling data systems and analytics

We’re hard at work at the intersection of how business works and what clients need

Virtusa brings together high-performing, highly collaborative teams that work across disciplines to explore strategies, tinker with technology and create beautifully useful designs. All to create the kind of innovation that truly impacts business.

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