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Data management is a formidable task in the digital world of data-driven enterprises, along with the high volume and variety of data. Moreover, the ever-evolving data-related regulations and compliance requirements pose challenges for businesses to thrive. The need for efficient and effective data operations has never been more critical. 

  • DataOps automates and simplifies the data pipeline creation process. 
  • DataOps fosters cross-functional collaboration and automation to build fast, trustworthy data pipelines so your business can bring the most value from your data.
DataOps Solutions
Our solutions optimize data management, quality, security, and processing

At Virtusa, we provide end to end data operations solutions that help organizations address these challenges

We leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to enable real-time analytics and decision-making. Our data governance and compliance frameworks ensure that organizations always comply with data regulations. We also provide data integration services to break down data silos and provide a unified view of data across the organization.

Following is the brief overview of the specific solutions and best practices we employ to implement DataOps for our clients:

Enterprise data platform

  • Build a data platform with necessary core components, processes, and tools
  • Assess and resolve fundamental data quality challenges
  • Unified process for data pipeline development and instrumentation
  • Continuous integration and automated deployment
  • Setup data governance processes, ownerships, and DataOps team

DataOps best practices

  • Unified approach for data pipeline development, monitoring & alerting
  • Test-driven development, CI/CD, build versions
  • Reuse and parameterize data pipelines
  • E2E pipeline auditing and monitoring
  • Introduce data assertion to preempt DQ issues
  • Collect baseline metrics, predict and implement alerts
  • Data pipelines continuous improvements

Infrastructure monitoring and insights

  • Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring tool for heterogeneous tools and platforms such as – Datadog
  • Datadog can be leveraged as a monitoring tool that integrates with database instances and CloudWatch to provide a comprehensive view of the database environment and metrics.
  • It also helps to forecast the resource demands and automatically detect performance anomalies and deviations in the throughputs.
  • Heterogenous databases across on-prem and cloud metrics, metadata, monitoring, and statistics
  • Real-time monitoring dashboard, performance measures, usage metrics, proactively detect and alert anomalies for resolution.

E2E data pipeline orchestration

  • Automate the development and operationalization of data pipelines from source to Consumption through Orchestration framework/tools
  • Workflow as code - programmatically author, schedule, and monitor data pipelines; Also, version-able, testable, and collaborative
  • DAG – abstraction of a series of operations/steps in a data pipeline. For example,
  • Provisioning infrastructure/resources
  • Extract data from data lake
  • Data quality validations
  • Data cleansing
  • Transformations
  • Load onto Datamart (or) run ML model
  • Orchestrate the data pipeline, business processes, and related roles (e.g., data quality analyst, data engineer, data scientist, etc.) For better collaboration
  • Capture baseline metrics for pipelines and include alerting and notifications (e.g., integration with Slack, etc.)
Success stories

Organizations must have efficient and effective data operations to remain competitive in today's fast-paced and data-driven world. Partnering with Virtusa can give organizations a unique perspective on addressing these challenges.

Our end to end data operations solutions can help organizations optimize their data management processes, improve data quality and security, and enable real-time decision-making. With our expertise in data governance and compliance, we can ensure that organizations remain in compliance with data regulations.

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