Data testing

Identify data-related problems early and reduce data risk

Numerous organizations today migrate their data workloads to the cloud. This transition often involves converting ETL (extract, transform, load) processes and data platforms to align seamlessly with cloud environments. There is a shift in the visualization technology landscape as organizations migrate from one tool to another.

These changes reflect the broader trend of leveraging the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud computing, allowing businesses to adapt and optimize their data infrastructure.

Why do clients choose Virtusa?

Virtusa’s Data Testing approach segregates Data Testing into the following two parts

1. ETL testing

ETL Testing functions include:

  • Identifying source data and business rule issues.
  • Ensuring reliable bulk data transfer to target systems.
  • Preventing data duplication and loss.

2. BI report testing

Virtusa's BI Report Testing involves validating critical reports and comparing metadata, row counts, KPIs, and individual fields for accuracy and consistency.

Data Testing Services - Service Capabilities
Virtusa provides specialized solutions for your data needs with the following:
  • Big data testing: Volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value are the 5 V’s define Big Data. The 5 V’s also add to the challenges of testing big data. Comprehensive testing on big data requires extensive and proficient knowledge to achieve robust results within the defined timeline & budget. With our dedicated team of QA experts, you can experience the best practices for testing big data applications. 
  • Data migration testing: Quality assurance is critical for successful migration. Based on our experience and knowledge of other implementations, we recommend the following key test phases for the migration. The key test phases for data migration testing include:
    • Infrastructure/technical validation test: Ensure environment infrastructure aligns with the build sheet and agreed configurations.
    • Security testing: Employ a decision matrix for optimized test efforts, including penetration tests to identify security vulnerabilities.
    • ETL testing: Validate ETL requirements with automation, including early checks on operational and financial reconciliation.
    • Non-functional and operability testing: Assess cloud auto-scale performance, scalability, and stress states with continuous application monitoring and alerts.
    • Parallel run/business verification / first occurrence test: Conduct an early parallel run to validate the output from the target landscape. To validate critical processes, perform business verification tests, pre or post-cutover, during designated windows.

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