Data migration

Unlock the power of data with Virtusa's digital engineering approach to data migration

Extensive data generation leads organizations to migrate from legacy systems to modern data platforms for a competitive edge. This transformation signifies the importance of efficient and secure data migration strategies as it poses several challenges for businesses.

The challenges include unexpected downtime, budget constraints, compromised data integrity​, data loss, security risks, compatibility, and performance issues. Overcoming these challenges demands a well-structured approach for seamless and successful data migration processes.

With comprehensive experience in data and application migration and data center exit engagements, Virtusa ensures a seamless migration experience for our customers of various sizes across multiple industries. 

Virtusa offers holistic data migration solutions to address migration challenges

Our approach leverages industry-led and in-house tools developed with our cloud service partners and methodologies to ensure secure and efficient data transfer. We begin with a 3-step process to deliver a holistic data migration roadmap.

Analyse current state​

  • Understand data requirements for migration and further strategic needs​
  • Conduct workshops with business and technical teams​
  • Review existing data models, DFDs, and ETL​
  • Understand the current data landscape, tools in use, techniques, and security needs​
  • Current database size and growth projections​
  • Security and compliance needs​
  • Downtime allowed for the migration​
  • Recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), and service-level agreements for database workloads​

Define future state

  • Define future solution options using cloud native services 
  • Consider smart migration by migrating what is needed rather than lift and shift
  • Define high-level data hub/lake architecture
  • Define the target state conceptual model
  • Identify migration tools and accelerators
  • Cloud native database migration tools
  • Virtusa accelerators 
  • Partner tooling
  • A tool for test automation
  • Conduct playback sessions and seek feedback from currencies direct business and technical teams

Define roadmap

  • Define migration plan for​:
    • Databases and data stores​
    • Underlying code and data pipelines​
    • One-time migration and Delta migration​
  • Re-wiring incoming and outgoing applications like sources or BI reporting tools ​
  • Plan a data security and governance strategy ​
  • Plan for logical /physical data models​
  • Plan for operations, job flow and scheduling, and dependencies



Key deliverables
  • Current state assessment document
  • A comprehensive catalog of database objects to be migrated
  • Target architecture and recommendations
  • Choice of tooling for migration and test automation
  • A high-level migration plan

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