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Maximize your data’s potential for real-time insights, enhanced security, and accelerated business growth

Traditionally, enterprises have gathered and stored data from various sources in data warehouses for business intelligence (BI), reporting, and analytics. However, nowadays, businesses seek predictive models and leverage AI/ML to enhance decision-making. The rise of big data and cloud adoption has led to the exponential growth of data in terms of volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value. As a result, enterprises struggle to handle vast data volumes with traditional warehouses, which incur high management costs.   

To address these challenges, organizations need modern cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes for efficiently managing the data scale and complexity. As per the Master Data Management Software Market, Global Sales Analysis, the demand for data management solutions for analytics is growing at a CAGR of 15.8%. Virtusa’s Data Warehouse Platform delivers real-time insights, enhances data security, and fuels business growth. We enable organizations to leverage our data warehousing expertise to achieve business objectives.

Data warehouse platform - Service Capabilities
Why do clients choose Virtusa?

Leveraging our expertise in developing modern data platforms, both on-premise and in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Snowflake), Virtusa offers proven architecture to the client for addressing challenges.

Our solution provides:

  • Scalable and robust data platforms for consolidating diverse data sources into a single source of truth
  • Empowering BI, reporting, and advanced analytics using AI/ML for real-time decision-making
  • Robust data security with encryption, access control, and audit trails
  • Enabling a holistic view of operations and data-driven decisions for business growth

Success stories

Virtusa brings together high-performing, highly collaborative teams that work across disciplines to explore strategies, tinker with technology and create beautifully useful designs. All to create the kind of innovation that truly impacts business.

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