Data ingestion

Untangle data ingestion complexity to achieve digital transformation

Since data has become an essential business asset in today’s fast-paced environment, businesses must find ways to manage and utilize the increasing amounts of available data to stay competitive. Companies need help with data ingestion, an intricate and time-consuming process of cleaning and importing data from various sources into a system, such as data warehouses, data marts, big data lakes, and data lake houses for analysis.

Data ingestion is crucial for any business that relies on data analytics to make decisions. Companies can’t correctly understand customers, improve their products, or make informed business decisions without data. Data ingestion enables to extract value from their data with tools that can process various data formats and large volumes of unstructured data to identify issues and opportunities and make informed decisions to deliver accurate data on time, every time.

A cost-effective way for businesses to reduce ingestion time for large volumes of data from disparate sources and formats

Virtusa’s Data Ingestion supports a wide range of data ingestion formats, sources, and mechanisms with in-house knowledge to integrate with cloud-based modern tools.

Our framework uses Python technology and open-source tools to accelerate ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes and enhance transparency. 

Our solution framework drives automated metadata-based ingestion by creating centralized metadata sources, targets, and mappings. 

Solution features include: 

  • Schema discovery from file, database, or API-based sources
  • Source and target data profiling
  • Flexible data comparison between source and target datasets
  • Interactive metadata setup, viewing, and usage beneficial for data governance and access policies
  • Ingestion task setup
  • Data mappings, validations, transformations, and quality check setup
  • Data pipeline orchestration
  • User interface setup and metadata management in the target table (Snowflake, Redshift)
  • Dashboard to view ingestion status and exceptions
  • Metadata-driven, low/no-code ingestion to handle simple to medium complexity transformations through metadata definition or parameterization
  • Hooks for security-related integration, including authentication and authorization 
Data ingestion services

Through electronic intake and data pipeline orchestration, businesses can

  • Reduce costs by scaling back or eliminating ETL tools for data ingestion
  • Decrease reliance on architect teams for data pipeline development and analytics
  • Ingest and organize data at an accelerated pace
  • Validate and monitor data in production
  • Enhance data visualizations 

Success stories

By leveraging Virtusa’s cutting-edge Data Ingestion and data operations solutions with the proper implementation strategy, businesses can streamline their data ingestion process, obtain valuable data insights, and identify the right solutions for their unique data ingestion challenges. Furthermore, incorporating proper data governance and security measures helps maintain data quality and integrity.

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