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AWS re:Invent 2021: Raymond Hennings

Raymond Hennings,

EVP & Head of Alliances and Strategic Deals

Published: November 10, 2021

After last year’s virtual event, AWS re:Invent 2021 promises to be bigger and better than ever! As the world’s premier cloud computing experience, the five-day hybrid (in-person and online) event delivers expert sessions, hands-on workshops, and breakout sessions, along with big announcements about new AWS technology. As an AWS Strategic Collaboration Partner and gold sponsor, we look forward to bringing our team of cloud experts to Las Vegas to meet with our customers, partners, and colleagues and showcase Virtusa’s leading-edge cloud capabilities. Raymond Hennings, our EVP, Americas, is heading to the event and meeting with attendees. Here, he shares background on our partnership with AWS and what to expect from the event and discussions with our team. 

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AWS re:Invent is celebrating its tenth year and is the biggest annual cloud event in the world. Why is it important for Virtusa to be there—and what can attendees expect to gain from the event?

We’re excited that re:Invent is back in 2021 as it has been one of the most productive conferences for Virtusa over the past ten years. Beyond a great opportunity to network with business and IT leaders, we look at re: Invent as an opportunity to both learn from other industry leaders and showcase the capabilities, expertise, and momentum Virtusa and AWS have established in recent years. Attendees get to meet with experts, learn from peers, and ultimately leave the event with the knowledge and connections to accelerate their cloud migration initiatives.

Virtusa is an AWS Strategic Collaboration Partner and AWS re:Invent gold sponsor. What makes this partnership so remarkable? 

The key to a successful partnership is having a shared vision, complementary skills and experience, and a willingness to collaborate in the client’s best interests. AWS has been that partner for Virtusa. We’ve established a great working relationship, and we both bring our own unique capabilities to each project - and focus on delivering business outcomes.

This year, Virtusa’s theme for the event is Ideate. Accelerate. Optimize. What are you currently working on that aligns with one of these aspirations? 

There’s a clear pattern when you look at successful cloud migration projects - they start with a well thought out strategy. We put a heavy emphasis on understanding what the client is trying to achieve and ideate on the best way to meet those needs. By starting with a set of common goals and a clear vision for the future, Virtusa has the tools and skills to accelerate cloud migration by up to 40 percent. Unlike some of our competitors, the real work starts once the migration is complete as we challenge our teams to constantly optimize and ensure clients realize the full value of cloud.

You will be taking meetings during the event at Virtusa’s booth. Why should participants book time with you? What can they expect to learn? 

It’s a two-way street. I don’t see these meetings as opportunities to simply pitch Virtusa’s capabilities. I want to understand what challenges businesses across industries are facing with cloud transformation initiatives. This is an opportunity for both sides to learn, share best practices (and worst attempts), and determine if Virtusa can help with their unique challenges and drive growth.

What are you most looking forward to at this year's event?

As with prior years, I’m looking forward to listening and getting the first true “pulse of the industry” since the pandemic struck. Just by absorbing the conversations, keynotes, and sessions, there’s so much to learn about what’s happening in the market today. re:Invent has proven to be an incredible opportunity to connect or reconnect with clients, former colleagues, and other thought leaders - something I cherish about this annual conference.

Raymond Hennings

EVP & Head of Alliances and Strategic Deals

Raymond is currently leading Virtusa’s Global Alliances and Partners, Cloud Sales and Large Deals pursuits. Since joining Virtusa in 2019, Raymond has been responsible for our Emerging Business segment which includes multiple verticals but not limited to Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Utilities and CPG and Retail. With immediate success in that Business Unit he was then promoted to his current role.

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