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Enhancing CX with intelligent intent-driven solutions

Transitioning from data to insights, Virtusa's Next-Gen Contact Center, powered by Amazon Connect, revolutionizes customer service with an intent-driven, cloud-ready solution. Traditional contact centers face challenges like high handling time, repeat calls, and limited insights. Our solution addresses these shortcomings, creating a unified experience that accelerates call resolution.

Challenges in traditional contact centers:

  • High call handling time
  • Repeat customer calls
  • Limited customer insights
  • Frequent hand-offs and high call wait times
  • Inability to leverage customer information for revenue
  • Manual, cost-intensive operations

Virtusa's Next-gen contact center solution:

  • Dynamic UI based on predictive intent
  • AI-driven next-best-action
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
  • Intelligent virtual assistant for multitasking
  • Monitoring agent interactions for personalization
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Contact Center Solutions - Features
Key benefits:
  • Higher NPS
  • Reduced call handling time
  • Improved cross-sell/up-sell
  • Lower cost-to-serve
  • Reduced agent training costs

Integrated Amazon Connect expertise:

Virtusa brings deep expertise in Amazon Connect, supporting the entire contact center lifecycle. Our services encompass design, implementation, optimization, and ongoing support. Leveraging Amazon Connect, our Next-Gen Contact Center ensures scalability, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and an enhanced customer experience. Benefit from our proficiency in deploying and managing successful contact centers worldwide.

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