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Many organizations are limited in their ability to take advantage of the host of innovative services that AWS offers. Regulatory mandates, data compliance standards, and requirements such as low latency and local data processing have confined businesses to working with on-premise systems and not on the cloud. For others, AWS isn’t available in their region yet.

AWS Outposts

With AWS Outposts, businesses can satisfy on-premise requirements or regional limitations and still benefit from innovative AWS infrastructure, APIs, tools, and other capabilities. Outposts brings the same physical hardware that is used in AWS facilities into any business’s on-premise hubs. As a fully managed solution, it allows organizations to assign the overhead of designing, procuring, and managing their on-premise infrastructure to AWS and channel their focus on innovation and modernization initiatives.

As a renowned APN Premier Consulting Partner with deep domain experience in numerous industries, Virtusa can help your organization install and integrate AWS Outposts with your infrastructure and application landscape for a high-powered, regulatory compliant experience.

AWS Outposts
AWS Outposts Key Benefits
Key Benefits

Along with supporting applications that have low latency or local data processing requirements, AWS Outposts enables organizations with:

  • Consistent hybrid cloud experience: Organizations can now leverage AWS’s portfolio of innovative services and resources and services to modernize applications that require to remain on-premise.
  • Accelerated developer velocity and productivity: Developers can build applications once and deploy them on cloud and/or on-premise.
  • Improved operational efficiency: IT teams can standardize infrastructure, security policies, and development, provisioning, and management tools across their data centers and cloud environments.
AWS Outposts Key Benefits
Why clients are working with Virtusa to implement Outposts


  • Unlike typical APN partners, our comprehensive cloud transformation approach goes beyond technology. We factor in impact on business operations, dependencies, industry regulations and more.

  • We work with leading organizations across industries. We execute quicker time-to-market with our production-ready containerized solutions and prebuilt deployment templates

  • Setting up AWS Outposts and operating within the enterprise is not a straightforward out-of-the-box deployment. We bring our proven approach and accelerators to ensure a smooth implementation. Our premier partnership with AWS accelerates tool adoption and leads to faster knowledge transfer and team setup.

  • We leverage an ideal combination of tools from our innovation centers of excellence, niche vendors and AWS, resulting in a ~40% increase in the speed of refactoring applications to deploy to AWS Outposts.

AWS-native solutions built for Outposts that accelerate your hybrid journey

iComms Smart Field Force Management

The Outpost deployed Virtusa’s iComms Smart Field Force Management for fault identification and resolution, enabling field engineers to resolve customer complaints while using secure data and systems. The solution improves engineer efficiency from monitoring to diagnostics and delivers First Time Resolution (FTR). It is also designed and tested to run in a scalable hybrid cloud environment.

The solution seamlessly integrates with network management systems, customer relationship management, test, and diagnostic tools to provide:

  • Customer insights and product recommendation
  • Historical analysis of network behavior and service SLAs
  • AR guided resolution
  • Real-time test and diagnostics with detailed root cause analysis
  • Real-time dashboard on service availability


Virtusa FinOS us is a cloud-native middleware that accelerates the creation of a bank’s future-state digital API and microservices platforms and modernize legacy to this future-state. With FinOS, banks can:

  • Use a standardized toolkit to generate microservices code
  • Allow developers to focus on critical tasks and not worry about infrastructure
  • Eliminate recreation of platform features to drive better developer productivity
  • Integrate with their legacy systems for faster transformation and modernization
  • Easily migrate applications to Outposts and the broader AWS environment

With FinOS, banks get a head start with being able to transform their monolithic applications into microservice architectures that are highly configurable and built for business agility.

Open Innovation Platform

Virtusa’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is an integrated development platform that promotes a culture of innovation by partnering your organization with fintech, insuretechs, and regtech organizations. With OIP, banks can:

  • Build MVPs to create unconventional revenue streams through new banking services
  •  Journey through an idea hypothesis to an MVP with measurable outcomes
  • Utilize a strong catalogue of APIs and FinTechs to validate and develop MVPs
  • Experiment in a risk-free environment
  • Reduce time and cost of innovation

Every element of the OIP is underpinned by a vast synthetic dataset (10M records, 40M transactions) that replicate a bank’s environment to enable quick development, evaluation, and regulatory compliance checks of solutions.


xBank is an AWS-native solution that is built to help banking and financial services organizations implement and scale new revenue-generating digital services. It serves as a “bank-in-a-box” platform help banks and financial services firms:

  • Modernize and build digital-native services that keep sensitive data and APIs on-premise while moving APIs that don’t process sensitive information to the cloud.
  • Easily access customized bundles of offerings that cover over 150 banking and financial services functions such as core banking services, customer onboarding, card management, fraud and risk management, and much more
  • Leverage pre-built AI/ML models to enhance and automate processes such as credit scoring, payment fraud detection, and anti-money laundering

Many of these bank-in-a-box services are designed so that banks can deliver them to customers through easy-to-use mobile and web interfaces that help them stay connected to their customers. xBank is a single, integrated application that offers rapid scaling, optimization, and complete digital transformation that is compliant with Open Banking Standards.


Take your personalized marketing to the nest-level with the Outpost deployed solution to the next level. Gather data and enjoy targeted recommendations to improve your user experience at every digital touchpoint. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to place personalized ads on mobile and web channels, this solution is for marketers, salespeople, ad infrastructure companies, 5G enthusiasts, and edge explorers to:

  • Strengthen campaign effectiveness
  • Provide targeted promotion and actionable insights
  • Create cross-selling and upselling revenue opportunities
  • Complement the existing business intelligence solutions

Next-gen Contact Center

An intent-driven and cloud-ready, the Outpost deployed solution enables CSPs to provide insightful and contextual customer experience. It’s time to move away from delivering static customer data to building real-time insights. Based on the data-enabling capability, this solution empowers the contact center agent to be effective and efficient with intelligent tools. Make your customer experience contextual and accelerate call resolution.

The solution is an overlay platform that enables CSPs to move away from data to insights-driven operations and improve customer and agent experience. Solution features include:

  • Dynamic UI rendering based on the predictive intent of the customer call
  • AI-driven recommended next-best-action across sales, service, and billing
  • Real-time sentiment analysis to understand the point of escalation
  • An intelligent virtual assistant provides multitasking capability allowing faster query resolution
  • Monitor agent’s interaction with the application to drive a personalized experience

Subscriber 360+

The Outpost deployed solution provides a single view of customer information across service lines. AI-guided customer journeys help predict CLV, revenue, NPS, and more. The solution also enables CSPs to:

  • Aggregate data across multiple business units and functionally disparate systems to create a single reference of the customer
  • Adopt consistent processes and policies to standardize data and incorporate business & customer-centric rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system
  • Enable dynamic profiling of customers to leverage real-time insights across orders, billing records, activities, incidents, and transaction details
  • Segment customers based on demographics, including ARPU, insight into family, friends, and geo-locations
  • Predict customer lifetime revenue, churn propensity, and satisfaction with a high degree of accuracy

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