Cut costs and boost performance of your big data applications

by migrating from Apache Hadoop/Spark to Amazon EMR

AWS Elastic Map Reduce EMR

Amazon EMR is a secure, low-cost, and easy-to-use cloud big data platform that can quickly and effectively process and analyze vast amounts of data.

With deep expertise and experience in big data analytics and cloud migration, Virtusa helps organizations migrate on-prem Hadoop and Spark apps to Amazon EMR without breaking a sweat.


Here are some of the economic benefits of migrating to Amazon EMR with Virtusa:

Virtusa Amazon EMR benefits
  • Nearly 60% cost savings and close to 350% five-year ROI*
    According to IDC* on average, companies lower their total cost of ownership by 57% and experience a 99% reduction in unplanned downtime, including an average 342% five-year ROI.
  • $2.9 million* additional new revenue gained per year
    Organizations are able to increase their annual revenues by an average of just under $3 million per organization.
  • Over 45%* more efficient Big Data/Hadoop environment management staff
    By migrating to Amazon EMR, data scientists have observed an average 46% improvement in productivity level, while analytics engineers saw a 39% improvement. Overall,  organizations experienced a one-third productivity gain on average across teams responsible for supporting Big Data operations.
  • Simplified operations
    Amazon EMR is a fully managed service with auto-scaling, managed scaling, and pre-built cluster tuning, node provisioning, and cluster setup. We can launch an EMR cluster in minutes without manual effort for both transient and long-term clusters.
  • Secure data
    Amazon EMR configures EC2 firewall settings automatically to restrict network access to instances and launches clusters in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so that your data is completely secure.

*IDC report “The Economic Benefits of Migrating Apache Spark & Hadoop to Amazon EMR” 

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