Virtusa's Triple R Solution

Recon, Refactor, Replatform

Managing and maintaining core systems that span the enterprise IT landscape is a herculean task. These systems, typically, decades old and saturated with upgrades, often act as an impediment to digital transformation initiatives ‚ especially when it involves multiple vendors and technologies.

Businesses end up on the wrong side of customer experience and lose the opportunity to create newer revenue streams or achieve highly agile processes.

At Virtusa, we understand the challenges in addressing the dual mandate of cost efficiency and innovation necessary for successful digital transformation. With our Triple R methodology, we help organizations re-engineer their Pega applications to integrate with a world that is cloud native and driven by AI, Decisioning, Robotics, and seamless channel integration. By rationalizing and optimizing the existing application stack, we infuse newer capabilities and longevity, along with ensuring high flexibility and scalability.

Our Solution

Recon, Refactor, Replatform (Triple R) methodology helps organizations adopt current technologies using specialized analysis tools backed by a one-of-its kind expertise in Pega’s products, and a strong ecosystem of cloud service partners.

Our methodology enables organizations to transform their Pega application stacks to fit into a broader, cloud-first micro-services architecture, maintained by modern dev-ops practices in an agile world.


Transcending the scope of Pega guardrails, the Recon tool identifies more than 60 different areas of potential technical debt, design constraints, cloud migration dependencies, and possible security vulnerabilities, paving the way for a prioritized roadmap for areas of remediation across the PEGA application stack.


Rationalize or rearchitect your application to make it work on the cloud. Incrementally refactor monolithic applications by building a new one, based on microservices.


Post refactoring, we migrate the application data as well as the applications themselves. We also establish a new cloud-based storage strategy that optimizes storage costs on the cloud and seamlessly integrates with the storage products provided by Cloud Service Providers. We also initiate QA/NFT/test automation.

Why partner with Virtusa?

We are Pega’s trusted partner. Our 15+ year history with Pegasystems and unique collaborative partnerships with major Cloud Service Providers means that Virtusa is widely recognized as the Pegasystems digital transformation partner of choice.

We have a strong leadership team. The culture of digitally re-engineering runs in our company’s DNA, driven by a strong leadership team, being highly qualified experts in multiple technologies and partners.

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