Reimagine Your Business with Enterprise-Wide Cloud Adoption through Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Virtusa combines its digital technology expertise and engineering heritage to help you drive innovation, scale, and agility by accelerating your adoption of AWS. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS. The intent of the agreement is to provide enterprise customers with transformative and sustainable benefits such as rationalization, technical debt elimination, automation, and modernization to reduce costs and increase velocity.

We offer end-to-end services – right from helping you jumpstart your AWS journey to migrating and managing solutions from the AWS suite. We provide a holistic assessment of enterprise-wide multi-dimensional drivers for cloud adoption to not only accelerate your cloud journey, but also augment your digital enablement with AWS.

As an APN Premier Consulting Partner, Virtusa has a strong set of AWS competencies in Life Sciences, DevOps, and Migration. Additionally, Virtusa is one of only a handful of DB Freedom partners

Realize the true value of AWS - transform organizational processes, accelerate business outcomes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences .

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Simplify the journey with an iterative approach to adopt the world's best digital platform

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Virtusa’s AWS migration services help you simplify the journey through a robust iterative strategy.

Plan: We facilitate end to end planning starting from building a strategy to implementing governance controls, managed through a program management office (PMO) setup. We then work towards strengthening the implementation and planning the sequence of application migration with portfolio analysis

Assess: We leverage our proven cloud readiness assessment framework based on business value, IT efficiency and cloud suitability to perform macro-analysis of applications, and designing the cloud roadmap. A detailed assessments of the ‘as-is’ state and ‘future state’ helps establish operating model, processes, and technology requirements.

Migrate: We help deploy key processes and mapping teams to new cloud-centric roles to facilitate implementation of the cloud operating model.  We also help build the foundation for repeatable migration patterns based on the initial set of application migration.

Scale: We help you harness the migration factory model to target large-scale migrations and drive efficiency through best of breed tools and specialized core/flex teams. We streamline the operating model by ensuring standardized tagging on all cloud resources, and optimizing through policies, processes and monitoring.

Cloud Migration

Rethink your cloud migration strategy to deliver compelling user experiences:

Cloud Migration

Virtusa’s cloud migration factory model deploys repeatable processes and reusable artefacts for application migration. We have strong expertise in assessment, migration, implementation, and integration of cloud solutions. The model identifies and aligns with organizational platforms (infrastructure and application), architecture blueprints, policies and guidelines providing balance cloud portability. Virtusa’s cloud migration factory follows a phased approach of analysis, design, planning, implementation and testing. We explore, test and use innovative tools designed specifically for accelerating cloud migration. We drive efficient cost control and operational excellence through simplified development, infrastructure management, maintenance, and component reusability


Contact Center Transformation

Revolutionize how you interact with customers through AWS Connect.

Contact Center Transformation

Our one-of-a-kind end-to-end all-cloud contact center solution will revolutionize how you interact with your customers. Our platform leverages AWS Connect and Salesforce to deliver superb customer service. AWS Connect is easy to setup and manage, is reliable, and offers improved contact flows that integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud. It can automate majority of the high-volume user actions (such as password reset, bill pay, account information, other data retrieval requests), so that your teams can focus on more productive and revenue generating work. The solution provides intuitive responses to customer queries, offers multilingual support, and smart queue management. We offer unlimited ability to scale, while future proofing your contact center through integration with intelligent technologies such as Einstein and Alexa. Our cloud contact solution supports popular tools such as Lex, Polly, Cloudwatch, Kinesis, Quicksight, Redshift, among others. The solution builds a public knowledge repository from each case to enable omni channel self-service (Mobile, IVR, Web).

Database Modernization

Modernize your data platform and optimize costs with the AWS Relational Database Services.

Database Modernization

We enable companies to modernize data stores by moving them to the cloud. Our consulting offerings help you rationalize your data assets and build a data modernization roadmap. Additionally, our proven delivery methodology, expertise in AWS stack and a certified pool of global consultants will migrate traditional RDBMS platforms including Oracle & SQL Server to Amazon Aurora or Amazon Redshift. Our 4 week data migration assessment involves:

Discovery: Understand and catalog cost, timeline, organizations, regulatory and technical drivers and constraints.

Assessment: Determine best AWS Database solution based on requirements (Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, etc.). Also identify risks and remediation strategy.

Our cloud data services on the AWS enables you to optimize costs, improve outcomes driving business growth and competitiveness. We help accelerate the migration of traditional on-prem databases to cloud by leveraging our end-to-end cloud services.

Cloud Managed Services

Enhance your business operations with our solution for enhanced cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks and more.

Cloud Managed Services

We offer workload migration from on-premise or other cloud vendor to AWS. We also deliver infrastructure design based on AWS best practices for availability, performance and security. Our solution enables application migration to specific AWS services being used. It also offers a robust performance and cost assessment. We automate application deployment by using DevOps Tools. We assure you of high availability of AWS designs for platforms like MySQL and SharePoint. It also offers custom AMI creation for rapid deployment.

We enable proactive monitoring and maintenance to actively reduce the number of incidents. We also provide 24/7 support for any technical help. Our trending analysis and recommendations enables service delivery optimization. We offer telephony and web-based service ticket requisitions. Our team provides up-to-date status of infrastructure and platform vitals via web-based portal Incident and change request reports.

AWS Life Sciences Practice

Virtusa’s AWS Life Sciences Practice helps biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies leverage the best of what AWS has to offer.

AWS Life Sciences Practice

Virtusa’s AWS Life Sciences Practice helps biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies leverage the best of what AWS has to offer. We work with our clients to design, develop, launch, and commercialize digital biopharmaceuticals and digital medical technologies to take on the toughest industry challenges and build on leading industry trends.

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Accelerate enterprise cloud adoption with Virtusa

We offer end-to-end services right from helping you jumpstart your AWS journey, to migrating and managing solutions from the AWS suite.

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Virtusa Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services
to Accelerate Cloud Adoption and Innovation for Enterprises Globally

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