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Booth #E25

October 10-13 | Amsterdam


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Sibos is the premier global financial services annual conference, exhibition, and networking event organized by SWIFT for the entire banking and finance industry worldwide. Sibos brings together the most prominent names, decision-makers, and subject matter experts from the global finance industry.

Sibos 2022 returns as a physical event this year, focusing on 'Progressive Finance for a Changing World.' The key question at this year's Sibos event leading into 2023 will be around how success can be measured and whether organizations that pave the way for the future of banking can adapt to these new priorities and shifting geographical landscapes.

Virtusa has been scaling-forward thinking innovation with its banking partners and ensuring success in these uncertain times. Meet Virtusa's experts at booth #E25 to discuss and know how we are driving growth with AWS and leveraging our Open Innovation Platform and Payment Modernization solutions to transform the ecosystem towards a purpose-driven environment.


Did you know that the ISO20022 equivalent MX message of MT message is at least 7-10 times larger even without using the enhanced data fields? So your SWIFT infrastructure cost is expected to increase dramatically after the ISO20022 migration. What better time to consider migrating your SWIFT messaging infrastructure to the cloud? SWIFT supports public cloud deployment for almost all its own SWIFT software and applications.

Virtusa's Open Innovation Platform on AWS

As financial services markets across the globe evolve and adopt new technology, Regulators and financial institutions need to keep pace in developing their approach to these emerging services. Virtusa's Open Innovation Platform on AWS creates an environment for Innovators to collaboratively engage with policy makers.

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Amit Bhute

Global Head
Banking Practice

Andrew Grigg

Vice President,
UK and EME

Gaurav Narang

Regional Head,
Benelux and Spain

Johan Brummer

Vice President,
Nordics Region