Technical Debt Reduction

Optimizing enterprise-wide costs by minimizing technical debt 

Application Maintenance is on a never-ending upward spiral due to low code quality, design patterns, and other related tech debt.

The cost of maintaining applications (run-the-business) is eroding budgets and leaving little room for innovation. These costs often increase year-on-year and can take up to 80% of a bank’s IT budget.

By reengineering debt management, companies can truly fuel digital innovation and bring products and services faster to market.

Technical debt usually happens due to low code quality and design patterns. While there is a myriad of reasons, the most often overlooked reason for tech debt pile-up is run-the-business (RTB) applications that are going through changes and updates.


Technical Costs

The cost of maintenance is not as simple as it seems

  • Slow Digital & Agile Transformation - Velocity tied to the slowest platform

  • Challenging Architecture Changes - Complicated cloud/cloud-native re-architecture process

  • Lurking Vulnerabilities - Vulnerabilities inherited over time

  • Impaired Re-usability - Degrading code quality & size over time

  • SDLC Automation - Test automation debt & limited Devops debt

  • Knowledge Gaps - Documentation of features in scaled environments

  • Low Unit Test Coverage - Increased integration efforts & cycle times

  • Lost Resiliency - Past resiliency patches might not apply to the new architecture
Intelligent Engineering Approach

Virtusa is pioneering ways to drive transformative results using accelerators and tailored processes and leveraging strong engineering arbitrage.

 Our expertise and frameworks can plug into existing tools to identify and prioritize code fixes. We have developed a unique solution to tech debt reduction, building on our years of experience transforming complex technology landscapes.

Key Benefits:

  • Realize >30% operations cost savings in your RTB initiatives with our tech debt remediation program.

  • >25% faster releases 
    Increase release velocity with reduced testing efforts for changes.

  • Higher Quality 
    Eliminate up to 90% of code component related defects earlier in the lifecycle.

  • Reduced triaging and analysis time
    Reduction in objective time to find issues and root cause analysis with improved code quality.
Technical Debt Solutions

Success story

Top 5 global bank reduced TCO by 25% across LOBs 

  • ~14% cost takeout/spend reduction in the first year and 25%+ through the second year
  • Engineering tools and accelerators used: VTAFInsightLive, Shift left and DevOps tools

Success story

Large UK bank reduces delivery errors by >30% and operational costs  by >23% 

  • 22% dead code identified
  • 11% reduction in FTEs within the first year and 30% reduction in three years

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