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Organizations need rapid innovation to build resilience while achieving profitable outcomes. By migrating on-prem data centers to the highly secure Google Cloud, companies can accelerate the speed of innovation and manage scale, agility, and costs better. The businesses require high-velocity cloud migration to stay competitive and future-ready.

With Virtusa’s cloud migration strategy, organizations can achieve:

  • 25-50% improved time to market
  • Over 30% increased development and productivity
  • 50% faster application delivery
  • 99.99% reliability

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa’s proven expertise in cloud migration tools, methodologies, and industry best practices ensures effective cloud adoption and migration. Our approach, backed by years of industry expertise, enables seamless, faster, and secure migration of business-centric on-prem workload and infrastructure to Google Cloud. The key benefits of our methodologies include:

  • Faster Google Cloud migrations with purpose-built tools
  • Increased agility and efficiency with access to Google Cloud’s scalable and reliable infrastructure
  • Enhanced governance and optimized cost through Google Cloud’s cost management tools and compliance offerings
  • Deployment of Google Cloud infrastructure for seamless cloud native transitions
  • Swift assessment and discovery of on-prem workloads enable faster Google Cloud migration
  • Proven Google Cloud migration patterns for a consistent and efficient process
  • Standardized and secure methods compliant with Google Cloud’s security offerings
  • Efficient and consistent app deployment at scale, adhering to best practices
  • Enhanced cloud security management with Google Cloud’s advanced tools and features




Applying industry-specific best practices in a cloud-first world

Virtusa harnesses Google Cloud’s capabilities with its robust migration strategies and in-house tools, turning organizational objectives in cloud adoption and migration into practical action plans. Our migration methodologies are based on concrete assessments to provide a strong foundation for infrastructure, app migration, security, and governance.

Our efficient three-step migration approach is streamlined with over 13+ years of product engineering with Google, leveraging our experience in delivering full lifecycle services of 40+ Google flagship products. The migration approach includes:


  • Discover, assess, and analyze apps
  • Define migration roadmap


  • Setup Google Cloud foundation components and migrate for compute engine


  • Build migration waves and deploy workloads to Google Cloud
  • Testing and validation
  • Perform hypercare and remediation
  • Stateful rollback to on-premises (if needed)

Virtusa’s toolkit to accelerate virtual machine (VM) migration at every step

  • ATLAS – Automate data center discovery and analyze interdependencies
  • BCM/ InsightEA - Business capability modeling framework for migration planning
  • StratoZone (Google Cloud tool) - Cloud services automation suite to discover, plan, migrate, and manage on cloud
  • Virtusa Google Cloud foundation framework - Set up, govern, and secure a multi-account Google Cloud environment based on best practices, reference architectures, and playbooks
  • Blueprint-as-a-Code (BPaaC) – Automate infrastructure provisioning on Google Cloud to increase agility and productivity
  • Fast, flexible, and safe migration with ‘Migrate for Compute Engine’ (formerly Velostrata)
  • For customized migration, Virtusa’s Terraform-based migration components can be configured for specific organizational needs
Virtusa’s accelerators for cloud migration
  • Google Cloud native migration tools: Native migration tools such as cloud foundation toolkit, migrate to virtual machines, migrate to containers, storage transfer service, transfer appliance, database migration service, migration-center, and others are utilized to optimize and reduce migration costs.
  • vPaaC: Accelerated infrastructure provisioning with automated deployment of IaC (with security by design) improves productivity by 30%.
  • Migration factory: High-velocity migration enabled through proven processes, skilled resources, and a template-based migration approach.
  • Ansible studio: Lightweight visual studio code extension for configuration management and automation of poly cloud infrastructure.
  • Landing zone factory: A systematic approach for rapidly creating a well-architected, secure, scalable landing zone for cloud migrations.

Virtusa’s cloud migration strategy offers unparalleled advantages, ensuring:

Program acceleration

~40% faster than manual migration


Repeat and scalable process that can be applied to future migration needs


Error-free migration for every run due to automation


Helps in keeping the program on track for the committed timelines

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