Hypersonalization through MarTech transformation

Create omnichannel, hyper-personalized experiences for your customers

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 76% of consumers agree that receiving tailored communications makes them more likely to consider buying from a brand. To keep up with today's fast-paced market and customers’, needs, delivering a seamless omnichannel experience is essential. However, the complexities of marketing technology (Martech), data fragmentation, and a lack of personalization pose significant challenges and hinder success.

At Virtusa, we specialize in personalizing your digital experience.

A robust personalization strategy can elevate your customer experience, drive marketing ROI, and contribute to the success of your business strategy.

Our customer-first approach means we understand your customer preferences, behaviors, and traits to fine-tune your strategy. We do this by:

  • Unifying customer data: Breaking down silos to create a comprehensive knowledge base for a holistic view of your audience.
  • Enabling AI-driven hyper-personalization: Leveraging advanced AI for hyper-personalization and multi-variant testing within a centralized infrastructure.
  • Going omnichannel: Embracing portability, relevance, and dynamic content for a consistent experience across all channels.
  • Empowering the whole organization: Fostering innovation through refined processes, cutting-edge technology, and specialized training for outstanding results.
MarTech Personalization solution
Features and benefits

Virtusa’s martech personalization solution delivers intelligence, agility, and precision to transform your personalization journey.

Virtusa’s extensive experience delivering end-to-end customization makes us an ideal partner for your personalization journey. We blend content and creative strategy seamlessly with our Engineering First mindset. Our agile, multi-disciplinary teams are empowered with gamified tools to drive innovation.

Key features

Data liberation

Content velocity

Decisioning mastery

Real-time orchestration

Key benefits

Martech personalization with Virtusa’s proven approach helps enterprises achieve the following:

  • Data liberation for a unified single source of truth of the customer across segments
  • Decision mastery to enhance customer engagement by upwards of 25%
  • Content velocity to improve long-term loyalty and conversions across channels
  • Real-time orchestration to ensure content reaches your audience at the right time
  • Improved cross-sell and upsell to increase average order value

Success stories

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