Operational efficiency with genAI

Streamline FinOps efficiency and reduce costs with genAI

As automation-led process transformation journeys scale, enterprises often experience process transformation challenges, such as low ROI from automation initiatives, high volatility in process workflows, high manual effort for unstructured data ingestion, and poor customer experience due to low personalization and engagement levels.

What if you could personalize customer experience, enhance engagement, and streamline manual tasks into accelerated, automated workflows with one solution?

Virtusa’s genAI-led operational efficiency offering helps enterprises incorporate the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to supercharge process transformation initiatives and enhance task automation levels. Our accelerators can ingest and analyze unstructured content from multiple data sources with unprecedented accuracy. We drive highly personalized, and context-driven customer experiences across channels. Our approach enables accelerated decision-making and rapid deployment.

Key benefits

Virtusa’s genAI operational efficiency solution utilizes an automation-first approach to continuously apply AI/ML and genAI to streamline and automate all stages of an active workflow. Our genAI Center of Excellence applies accelerators with robust pre-built use cases, architecture guidelines, and design best practices to create a state-of-the-art, all-in-one solution. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can:

Save costs and achieve rapid go-to-market
Boost customer and user experience with hyper-personalization
Accelerate innovation and elevate decision-making capabilities
Key features

Virtusa’s Operational Efficiency with genAI incorporates acceleration, accuracy, continuity, and flexibility to create an all-encompassing solution for your biggest process transformation obstacles.

Accelerated and accurate ingestion

Content analysis and extraction from multiple document formats and types 

Continuous learning and adaption

Agile adaptability to changing operational patterns and improving decision-making accuracy over time 

Scalability and flexibility

Designed to scale with business growth 

Platform agnostic

Works with all leading GenAI platforms and CSPs

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa’s extensive experience designing and deploying innovative genAI solutions to automate critical operational processes makes us an ideal transformation partner for the industry’s leading enterprises. Our expertise extends to a deep understanding of leading platforms in the genAI space, engineering, and managing large language model operations.

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