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A recent International Labor Organization report states that the total labor underutilization is more than twice as high as unemployment, affecting over 470 million people worldwide. 

As enterprises look for ways to combat the effects of unprecedented disruption in the most formidable ways, adopting an open talent framework can provide flex workforce, address in-house skill gaps, and unearth new business perspectives and possibilities.   

Take crowdsourcing to a whole new level by tapping into the unlimited virtual talent pool. Unlock creative solutions, with Virtusa’s comprehensive open talent framework, Virtusa Open Talent Platform. Our unique platform-centric approach adopts a university model for continuous learning, combined with gaming affordances for greater retention, to address the challenges of the open talent lifecycle.  

The Virtusa Open Talent Platform framework

The framework accounts for various phases of the talent lifecycle and ways in which we acquire, develop, reward, and retain open talent.

The core driver is to provide a scalable, high quality, engaging, and cost-effective solution for leveraging the crowd workforce and enabling creative breakthroughs in problem solving. 

  • Scalable – A multi-crowd approach that leverages various talent pools such as internal talent, certified partner networks, and external talent marketplace for faster engagement of the right resources. 
  • Quality assurance – Leverage AI/ML powered cognitive assessment module to inspect and improve the quality of deliverables, perform audits for talent assessment, provide better learning and development, and enable better performance and engagement. 
  • Engagement and retention – Focused engagement that attracts and retains talent by incorporating gamification, which leads to more active participation and uses a university model for training and better assessment of crowd resources. 
  • Cost-effective – Balanced core and flex pools of talent through built-in analytics that provide real-time insights and predict future demand for better capacity planning.
Talent Platform Framework
Talent Platform Solutions - Features
Key Features
  • Role-based secured access – Through a role-based approach and workflow visibility, Virtusa Open Talent Platform enables easier task management, reporting and demand/capacity forecasting, and platform growth. The secured Digital Workspace (HIPAA, PCI DSS and other industry-specific compliance) helps organization to enforce and adhere to regulatory requirements while getting the task completed by Open Talent workforce. 
  • Gamification strategy – With gamification elements such as leaderboards, rewards, and rankings, social connections, role playing, and personalization, our solution provides insights into performances and effectively engages the Open Talent. 
  • Assessments and training – Through Virtusa owned/licensed and third-party API integrations, Virtusa Open Talent Platform promotes a culture of continuous learning. Our unique nano-degree certification closes skill gaps by helping users choose their own assessments modules and get the insights to improve their competency. Through the incremental method of training, users can achieve their targeted level of proficiency and leverage the knowledge for successful project completion. 
  • Customized user experience – The AI/ML (chatbots, recommendations) overlay delivers a rich, contextualized user experience.
How Virtusa Open Talent platform works

The workstream can be broadly classified as engineering and non-engineering:

Non-engineering tasking


  • Involves highly pre-determined simplistic tasks and qualitatively identical contributions by the open talent community
  • Has easily verifiable outcomes that can be further automated without human intervention
  • Does not require a formal degree and high skills to work on it
  • Does not need deep domain expertise
  • Micro tasks: Data labelling/annotation, ad rating, content curation, human computation, anti-bot services (like reCaptcha)
  • Information pooling: Market research, gathering location data, chatbot training, logo design, vote ideas
  • Support: Business operations (medical transcriptions), first-level product support, and expert answers to queries 


Engineering tasking


  • Contributions from open talent reflect alternative solutions to the same problem and require collaboration among open talent community members
  • Requires a formal certification and high degree of engineering skills. It demands creative thinking or problem-solving abilities
  • Needs domain expertise to understand the problem context
  • Needs human intervention to certify and qualify the output or deliverables
  • Duration of such taskings is slightly more than non-engineering tasks
  • Complex software testing (functional, usability, localization, UX, cross browser, beta), crowdsourced security testing for compliance, online game testing
  • Create an ecosystem (marketplace) to enable third parties to release APPs and services

The platform helps customers publish tasks for the open talent to work on, in a secured environment, using digital workspaces. 

It helps identifying the right skill fitment and resource allocation for a task based on the talent’s ratings, previous submission timelines, quality, etc. The outputs/outcomes are subjected to either a human-in-the-loop review or automation for quality assurance.

The platform also leverages a university model and gamification affordances to retain the open talent at scale.

University model

The model is backed by a proven knowledge management framework, immersive training playgrounds, and engineering assessment framework (Virtusa’s Engineering IQ - EIQ), to promote continuous learning among the open talent community.

Gamification affordances

The platform uses affordances in gamification to promote participation, motivate, and recognize the progress of the open talent. Through certifications and ratings, our platform increases open talent engagement and improves overall learning outcomes. 

Talent Platform Solutions - Benefits
  • 40%-50% cost savings 
  • Improved quality
  • Faster onboarding of flex workforce
  • Shorter time to market
  • Foster innovation with access to diversified skillsets

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