Legacy Modernization

Transform your legacy applications to be future-ready

Legacy systems pose significant challenges for organizations in the current digital landscape. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, staying competitive and meeting customer expectations require businesses to overcome several obstacles. A diminishing talent pool, high cost of ownership, maintenance complexities, limited business continuity, and reduced agility hinder growth and competitiveness. The outdated technology stack and a shrinking workforce also contribute to soaring maintenance costs, impeding timely product releases and slowing down business growth and time to market.

Virtusa's Legacy Modernization solution enables businesses to accelerate their outcomes.

The transformation runs on three core pillars: discovery and assessment, migration/modernization factory and cutover phase and transition.

 A detailed two-pronged discovery and assessment also help identify functional and technical debt that helps rationalization before modernization. The discovery also facilitates cloud readiness and blockers for the portfolio under consideration. A factory model is implemented to create assembly lines for our modernization factory. Our services include:

  • Application, data, and infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Microservices architecture readiness assessment
  • Rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, replacing, or rebuilding
  • Reverse engineering and functional decomposition
  • Web-enablement
  • Database and data migration
  • Batch migration and optimization
  • Transition and support

Why Virtusa

Outcome-driven business choices

Our modernization approaches have delivered results within 6-18 months, leading to 30%-70% savings for over 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Custom-built tools

We have completed modernization projects faster than our peers (25% faster) by utilizing the purpose-built modernization/analysis tools and have achieved 100% of the assigned data center exits.

Strong partner credentials

Strategic partners for various modernization paths that include R-paths, microservices transformation, and cloud journey. Exclusive global signed strategic collaboration agreement 2.0 with AWS

Success story

A government PF management institution introduces new revenue streams

The client faced an increase in the turnaround time of new business changes due to tech overhead, lack of documentation, and poor UX. Their existing infrastructure didn’t support the launch of new applications. Virtusa’s Legacy Modernization solution enabled a 40% reduction in tech overhead and decreased the time to launch new public schemes.

Success story

A leading global trading services group reduces cost by 60%

The client’s existing mainframe was inflexible to accommodate newer functionalities that the business demanded, and the ownership cost was also too high. Virtusa, with its Legacy Modernization solution, enabled them to reduce costs by 60% and achieve 100% accuracy in business rules extraction and transformation. 


A leading insurance major increased efficiency by 50% with legacy modernization

The client faced challenges like - high functional redundancy, disparate workflows leading to inefficient business processes, and inability to scale. With Virtusa’s Legacy Modernization solution, the client saved over 50% of effort and reduced the cost of operation and maintenance of the mainframe by ~500 MIPS.

Modernize your legacy applications

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