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The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, and businesses are embracing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience and stay closer to their customers. The technological shift and trends have propelled digital transformation and engineering of the next-generation applications to fuel growth, optimize costs and stay relevant and competitive.  

Enterprises face challenges in identifying the appropriate partners who can help them end-to-end in their transformation journey to innovate and develop new business models.

The challenges include:

  • The absence of a one-size-fits-all solution for moving monolithic systems to microservices-based and(remove and) resilient systems
  • User experience is often looked at as a second step in digital transformation projects
  • Customers unwilling to bet on new technologies


Virtusa’s Application Engineering practice enables customers to define enterprise architecture and resiliency.

The service leverages an experience-first approach and deep digital capabilities backed by strong engineering DNA. It includes Cloud Native development and deployment in application modernization and development scenarios.

Application engineering involves creating, capturing, and integrating data into digital tools to support the design, development, deployment, and sustenance of products and solutions. It includes agile frameworks, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, 3D printing, connected technologies, and augmented/virtual reality.

Our focus areas

  • Digital engineering services across all technology stacks
  • Engineering led by exclusive user experience across rendering channels such as web, mobile, desktop applications, and others
  • Software engineering and automation through Dev and Ops that includes all aspects of reliability, observability, and security
  • Application modernization initiatives that involve technology upgrades, legacy modernizations, re-architecting, re-engineering, and rehosting
Application Engineering Services

The Virtusa approach

Virtusa’s razor-sharp focus on application engineering techniques and technologies is aimed at solving some of the industry challenges and enable customers with the right choices to make and be the end to end partner in the transformation journey.

  • We are a part of many such large transformational initiatives for some of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 institutions where we have enabled them to move away from legacy systems and monolithic architectures.

  • Our experience-led engineering is the solution for our customers looking to drive better user experience and design backed by deep engineering capabilities. It seamlessly allows our customers to transform their application landscape.

  • A right partner with the appropriate capabilities is mandatory to ensure success in technology upgrade programs. Virtusa’s unique way of aligning the technology capabilities as a service line assists customers as the right partner for choosing the right technologies.

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