Intelligent Self Service

Improve consumer and employee experiences in the new normal with increased digital adoption, cost efficiencies, sustainability and speed to market.

Customers are increasingly relying on self service channels to resolve a variety of requests. With these heightened expectations, customer demands now dictate that banks rapidly take a renewed approach to providing them with even more powerful, but simple to use, digital capabilities. 

Customers also call for speed when working to resolve requests with live customer service representatives. These experiences are hampered since agents must endure numerous swivel processes in order to resolve customer queries. To effectively retain customer loyalty, organizations must provide seamlessly integrated experiences that anticipate and quickly resolve customer needs.

Virtusa Intelligent Self Service

Virtusa’s unique Intelligent Self Service offering doesn’t just add channels to the customer journey, it provides omnichannel strategies that start from the inside out. The solution seamlessly links all touchpoint channels to deliver a personalized, omnichannel experience for both customers and agents. 

The core of the solution goes beyond a standard contact center implementation to a fully integrated, multi-channel, and cloud-enabled infrastructure that is built from the ground up to enable flexible deployment and use.

Intelligent Self-Service empowers your organization with:

  • Strategic service design based on combination of outside-in and inside-out analysis
  • Single unified agent platform to provide an integrated view across systems
  • Integrated omnichannel customer experience and handoffs to customer service representatives
  • Guided flows for agents to simplify the business journeys
  • Infrastructure and business process enablement that serve the agent front end
  • Ability for agents to define their own personalized experience
  • Reduced business team’s reliance on IT and development teams
  • Ability to share data and insights within applications and across the business
  • Data-driven workforce optimization (WFO) that supports every communication channel
  • Advanced data analytics that reveal powerful voice-of-the-customer insights to improve service and enhance sales and marketing efforts across all channels
Key Benefits of the Solution

With Intelligent Self-Service, your organization will save 15 to 30% in operating expenditure over a three-year period and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce AQT by 55% -No more waiting or navigating the IVR. Instantly connect with a virtual agent and get answers faster.
  • Improve CSAT by 90% - Virtual agents can be reached by any device at any time. They can hand off to a human agent seamlessly.
  • Reduce AHT by 6X and improve ASAT by 60% - Offload high-volume and low-value tasks to virtual agents, so humans can have engaging conversations.
  • Improve FCR by 80% - Achieve 98% accuracy in queries and conversations with up to 95% intent recognition and verification
  • Reduce cost by 27% - Virtual agents provide a fully loaded cost that is a fraction of the cost of human agents per minute
  • 20 % reduction in turn-around-time (TAT)

Virtusa’s banking and financial services domain expertise, coupled with engineering accelerators and extensive digital and cloud transformation experience, will deliver 30%+ productivity gains in intelligent self-service programs

Key Benefits of the Solution
We work with leading technology providers to provide intelligent self service experiences.

Virtusa is aiding banks and credit unions across retail, consumer banking and wealth management to accelerate their end customer’s self-service journey

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