Customer Onboarding

Illustrating multichannel onboarding and fostering positive customer experience

A seamless onboarding experience ensures happy customers and improves revenues and profitability of the bank. Today, banks need a single version of truth that enables them to have a holistic view of the customer relationship used to devise strategies for cross-selling and upselling.

Virtusa provides a single, centralized and integrated platform to onboard customers across all lines of business. Our consulting toolkit with questionnaires, evaluation approaches, best practices, and strategic recommendation tools help address all customer onboarding compliance aspects including KYC, AML, FATCA, Dodd Frank, and MiFID-II regulations.

Customer Onboarding

Our in-house customer onboarding capabilities include use-cases, test cases, and mockups to jump start any engagement.

This enables a comprehensive digital workflow coverage including client services, compliance, legal, credit, and operations. Virtusa also provides an extended framework around post on-boarded client initiatives such as setting trading limits, managing client invoices, and payables.

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