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Traditional customer engagements with a scattergun approach and siloed decisioning fail to deliver a timely, relevant, and personalized experience. Additionally, with the surge of customer data collected at various touchpoints, businesses often fail to unearth powerful insights from the monolith of data to drive meaningful customer engagement. So, to enhance customer engagements by designing personalized and intelligent experiences using real-time data analytics, dynamic decision strategies, and the next-best-action advisor is inevitable.

Virtusa’s AI-driven decisioning system leverages pre-built solutions, data models, and processes to help its clients deliver relevant and personalized customer engagements across channels. It’s time to unleash the power of AI by gathering data across customer touchpoints to enhance customer affinity. 

  • 100% increase in business value and consumer satisfaction
  • 3-6X improved conversion rates
  • 10%-50% reduced churn rate
Key features

Build one-to-one AI-driven customer engagements by making intelligent real-time decisions


Data-driven approach to offer relevant experiences. 

Virtusa leverages Pega’s Customer Decision Hub (CDH) to help clients build a real-time AI-driven decisioning system. With its pre-built solutions, data models, and processes, Pega CDH redefines the customer experience for its clients, enhances customer loyalty, and cross-sell relevant services and products.

Moreover, vCollect, our industry-agnostic debt collections solution built on Pega CDH, has successfully improved the customer experience in payments and collections by delivering a customer-focused collection experience and reduced customer churn.

Reimagine customer experience with our accelerators.

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Innovation culture
  • Demonstrable digital transformation
  • Unified brain
  • One-to-one
  • Self-optimizing
Pega CDH  - Key features

Success story

Delivered hyper-personalized customer experiences for a large US Telco to potentially save $80M per month while improving call deflection rate by 33% 

Struggling to coordinate among multiple channels, the client wanted to enhance its omnichannel journey while focusing on every customer’s interaction intelligently.

Virtusa implemented Pega’s Customer Decision Hub to leverage adaptive modeling to predict the following best action for the customer in real-time. Our collaboration harnessed the power of an intelligence-driven decision engine to influence every customer interaction in every channel delivering personalized customer experiences.

The client improved its deflection rate by 33% and realized a potential cost savings of $80M per year across wireline and wireless channels.

Success story

Reduced time to market by 50% for a large Australian bank that extended to other business verticals, potentially savings $1M annually from license costs

The client’s operations were marred with legacy, disparate, and non-integrated systems lacking rating process visibility and audit trail. Hence, the client was looking for an IT partner to create a new solution that can fully automate its credit risk calculation.

Virtusa created a completely headless and stateless Micro API-based solution using Pega Customer Decision Hub, which fits in with the existing legacy infrastructure while introducing newer capabilities to be used across new systems.

Our collaboration helped the client to reduce its time to market and FTE by 50%. Moreover, the architecture could be extended to other business verticals to potentially save $1M annually from license costs.

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