Learn how Modjoul harnessed the power of data to improve worksite safety and productivity

Published: July 28, 2020
Modjoul webinar

Each year, millions of workers are injured resulting in thousands of fatalities in workplaces and worksites around the world.

Modjoul, a leading data analytics company created the SmartBelt to decrease workplace incidents by tracking, analysing, and leveraging employee work metrics. Data is streamed from wearables including belts, vests, hard hats, and the connected workplace including phones, chip-enabled ID badges, forklifts, trucks, and machinery to monitor data in real-time.

Hear Eric Martinez, CEO and Founder of Modjoul, as he speaks about how he partnered with Virtusa and AWS to create a mobile app and intelligent workplace wearables using a cognitive IoT platform to provide a well-connected work environment that is leading to increased worker safety and productivity.

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