Future-proof your organization with a modern and efficient core system in the era of scarce budgets

Published: January 27, 2023

The banking and financial services (BFS) industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Regulatory mandates, evolving customer preferences, and real-time processing play a critical role in transforming the industry. These forces are driving the adoption of new technologies and processes, leading to significant changes in how financial services are delivered and consumed. The market demands product agility and the ability to offer innovative products at ease with a faster time to market.

Hence, banks and financial institutions must modernize their core systems and address the underlying challenges limiting their agility and ability to innovate. A core modernization journey that involves rethinking and updating the fundamental technologies and processes is required for the institution.

However, as we enter the recession, budget availability for such large-scale transformations is limited and scarce. Organizations must first evaluate different modernization options and prioritize those that deliver the mandatory and high-impact changes.

Watch this recording of the webinar to understand how you can create a modernized, efficient, and future-proof core system to support your institution’s vision.

Key takeaways:

  • Considerations and options to modernize core systems in the era of conservative budgets
  • Time-tested, future-proof, and scalable core architecture
  • Accelerate modernization through collaboration with fintech, high-tech, and partner ecosystem
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