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Payments Modernization vs. Transformation   

Published: July 14, 2023

Watch this webinar on the next move in global payments and explore two key aspects: Transformation and Modernization.

Virtusa and Icon Solutions will provide insights into the evolving challenges faced by Tier 1 banks regarding the current payment processing model. According to recent research, an alarming 86% of these banks acknowledged the increasing difficulty in maintaining margins on payments, compared to 59% in the previous year.

Failure to address the need for modernizing or transforming payment systems may put banks at a significant disadvantage in the competitive landscape. This webinar aims to enlighten on how banks can capitalize on cost-effective solutions for payment modernization and transformation.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the potential challenges, regulatory reforms, and competitive pressures that are pushing banks to bring in changes in payment systems
  • Learn how to create a blueprint for successful payment systems that optimize technical debt, meet compliance deadlines, and accelerate innovation
  • Understand how to create a resilient, scalable, and futureproof payment system
  • Discover the critical success factors for implementing a payment modernization or transformation program
  • Explore how reference models and accelerators can speed up implementation and reduce costs and risk


Gain valuable insights from industry leaders and experts and explore different perspectives on the future of global payments.

Payments Modernization

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