How machine learning, real-world evidence, and synthetic data are connecting the dots between life sciences and healthcare

An IDC Technology Spotlight

Published: July 19, 2022
Trying to build ML algorithms without the right data is like running a car without fuel — you are going nowhere!

IDC predicts that the investment in artificial intelligence for Real World Evidence (RWE) by life sciences companies is set to double by 2025, driven by health data interoperability initiatives and platforms.

Join IDC’s Nimita Limaye, Research Vice President, Life Science R&D Strategy and Technology, and Santanu Sen, Vice President, Life Sciences, Virtusa, as they discuss how healthcare and life sciences organizations can unleash the combined potential of AI, ML, RWD, and Synthetic Data to accelerate innovation and its application in a range of use cases.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the basics – definition, uses, and benefits of ML and RWD/Synthetic Data
  • Discover the diverse applications of ML and Digital Twins in life sciences and healthcare
  • Explore Virtusa’s vLife®, an award-winning healthcare and life sciences marketplace for anyone who deals with data and data science
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