Understand the evolving compliance and business transformation demands for FHIR-based interoperability

Published: February 21, 2023

Interoperability in a healthcare ecosystem is crucial. Lack of exchange of healthcare data among providers, payers, and patients leads to significant lapses in providing the right care. To address this issue, in September 2022, the State of California enacted legislation that requires any health plan regulated by the State to implement the APIs that CMS defined as part of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule. Commercial Plans operating in California have less than 12 months to implement a solution to comply with this regulation. For other states, it is equally important to embrace the FHIR standards for the upcoming state and federal mandates. 

In this fireside chat, the participants will not only learn about the scope and impact of the legislation that goes into force on January 1, 2024 but also understand how to take interoperability to a ‘smart’ level by leveraging the Virtusa-Onyx solution. Enabling technology ensures digital transformation.

Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, we will discuss the new regulation and how it impacts the stakeholders, how to navigate through the changes, and to maximize results. 

  • How big of a change is this?
  • Why this change is worth embracing?
  • Power of FHIR standards done right
  • What does the regulation mean for payers and providers?
  • What data should be shared with the stakeholders?
  • Benefits of Virtusa and Onyx partnership
CMS Interoperability and Patient Access

Achieve coordinated care, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs



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