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Pega modernization webinar

Published: February 6, 2024

Several financial services institutions operate with outdated Pega applications, limiting their ability to stay competitive and agile. These legacy applications are hosted on inflexible infrastructure, increasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and restricting agility, flexibility, and scalability. Moreover, these applications suffer from mounting technical debt, suboptimal code quality, and outdated features, reducing productivity and subpar application performance.

To ensure your investments in customer service, onboarding, lending, collections, disputes, or financial crimes and fraud applications remain competitive and efficient, you need comprehensive services to tackle technical debt, and infrastructure challenges and modernize your applications, leveraging the latest features and capabilities in the Pega Platform. These services are empowered by the Triple R approach (Recon, Refactor, Replatform) and Evergreen Infinity, offering an impressive 63% reduction in TCO and a remarkable 78% decrease in technical debt.

Watch this webinar to explore how Pega modernization can significantly enhance business agility, productivity, and overall service quality. The experts, from Virtusa, Pega, Everest Group, and PNC Bank, discussed essential strategies for eliminating technical debt and harnessing the latest Pega capabilities to drive innovation in your business.

Key takeaways:
  • Challenges faced by financial institutions running on legacy Pega applications and infrastructure
  • An approach to modernization, including insightful case studies showcasing successful customer transformations
  • The numerous benefits of embarking on a modernization initiative
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