Making healthcare more consumer-centric

Alok Mandal,

Vice President,
DPA Practice Lead,
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Published: April 24, 2023

Andy Thurai, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, recently stated, “The availability of wearable medical devices, telehealth consultations, and predictive diagnosis using collected data in real-time can all lead to identifying the right person for treatment while taking unnecessary treatments out of the equation.”

But there is a flip side to this in healthcare; one report by IDC estimated that the industry “created 2,000 exabytes of data in 2020 and will continue to grow at a 48% rate year over year,” which opens unique data challenges in the healthcare industry, especially around data privacy.

Virtusa and Microsoft place the consumer at the forefront of healthcare with a wide range of solutions and services for the healthcare and life sciences industries to streamline the patient journey. We connect experiences across the end-to-end patient journey with integrated and intelligent capabilities – from clinical trials to genome sequencing.

Together with @Microsoft, Virtusa is helping to streamline patient journeys. By bringing together various data sources across the value chain, providers and payers can realize the actual value of their data. By tapping into the power of Microsoft and Azure, healthcare providers can integrate and manage their environments with tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud. Explore some of our digital healthcare solutions deployed in Azure and how they connect experiences across the end-to-end patient journey – from clinical trials to genome sequencing.

Some of the more advanced Digital Health Platform implementations we’ve completed recently include the following:

Cloud Native Digital Surgery Platform

A digital platform that consolidates data from several existing portals to secure and leverage EMR data. The consolidated data provided arthroplasty surgeons with more accurate real-time insights to create an optimal care plan and support patients through the care continuum.

Connected Health Platform for Peritoneal Home-Dialysis

A health platform that virtually connects the patient with the clinician in real-time with remote monitoring through real-time dialysis information, personalized treatments with greater control for clinicians, a wealth of information and analytics to design treatments for improved outcomes, and instant publishing of therapy/prescription updates by the clinician.  It also allows users to track treatment deviations and handle exceptions in order to provide convenience to patients and providers and speed up claims processing.

Digital Healthcare Solutions Deployed in Azure

Virtusa has built multiple innovative solutions available in Azure cloud to help digitize and optimize healthcare organizations, including:

  • APPEALS & GRIEVANCES SOLUTIONA patented AI asset embedded with e2e workflow, NLP to read the intake messaging, chatbot for intake channel of a contracting process to seamlessly integrate and process appeals and grievances done in 6 modules - Intake, Admin review, Clinical Review (embedded AI), IRE, Reports and Correspondences (CMS Universe).
  • PROVIDER LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT - NLP for contract review, AI-ML to predict the outcome of a contracting process to streamline the data accuracy of provider NPI, demographics, and credentials
  • SMART CLAIMS ENGINE - Data analytics and reporting of claims queue and leverage ML for FWA detection for claims orchestration to connect all the disintegrated claims components for a near real-time experience.
  • DIGITAL PRIOR AUTHORIZATION - E2E payer solution that helps to ingest the PA and do admin and clinical reviews before closing the request. Provides correspondence and real-time reports on the status of each prior auth request. The solution's provider version helps create a prior auth request to payers.
  • MEDICARE ADVANTAGE EXPANSION - A Marketing and campaign solution that help payers to retain existing and acquire new membership with a personalized AI-driven marketing
  • INTELLIGENT AUDIT PLATFORM - E2E solution to prepare the payers and providers for external audits. e.g., BCBSA, CMS, HEDIS, etc.

Remote Monitoring

Virtusa is supporting a Microsoft Azure customer providing remote monitoring for patients in ICU and on heart pumps. The virtual solution scaled from 50 to 1700 sites during the COVID years by providing a mechanism for heart specialists to support patients without regular ICU visits and needed a solid technical support team. Over the last 12 months, Virtusa has increased the uptime and efficiency of the Azure environment through monitoring services while reducing the burden on the platform development staff. We have also enabled SSO for select hospitals by leveraging Okta and Azure AD.

Our engagement with the customer on Microsoft platforms often starts with Joint Architecture Design workshops. Sometimes, these take the form of a “Day at MTC.” Recently, Virtusa brought a top 10 medical device customer to the Microsoft Technology Center in the Minneapolis area for a workshop. Microsoft and Virtusa were able to help our joint customer streamline the various digital solution ideas into meaningful next steps or bite-sized PoCs that will then provide catalysis to leap forward into building digital solutions.

With a mix of legacy systems and the automation of internal systems, Virtusa offers Infrastructure Support, Automation, Migration solutions, and Application Management Services, including shared managed services of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and SQL servers. We specialize in data interoperability and have built an Azure-based API framework for integrating payor and provider access solutions. From something as straightforward but critical as referrals to better patient care, Virtusa and Microsoft have successfully modernized platforms from end to end.

Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft helps innovative businesses achieve more and align with the ‘new’ Microsoft’s digital transformation philosophy across business applications, modern workplaces, and intelligent cloud.

Reimagine your business with Virtusa and Microsoft

Virtusa is a Global ITES 360 Partner with Microsoft, collaborating closely with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects. Virtusa holds Gold and Silver competencies and Advanced Specialization on Azure cloud.  With over 2000+ Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), Microsoft Azure® certified architects, and Microsoft Cloud Solution architects, Virtusa has co-sell-ready cloud solutions in the Microsoft marketplace. 

Virtusa was also named Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Microsoft Power Platform and Finalist for the ‘OIP - Open Innovation Platform’ solution on Azure and serves Microsoft-enabled enterprises in 20+ countries across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Ready to put the consumer at the center of your healthcare journey? Speak to an expert to get started today. 

Alok Mandal

Alok Mandal

Vice President-Technology, SBU Leadership

Based in Ellicott City, Maryland, the US, he specializes in healthcare-focused enterprise architecture, digital process automation (DPA), data engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud-first strategy.

As an executive member of the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) segment, he is responsible for developing and nurturing the Virtusa’s digital strategies and ventures with his expertise on Pega. Alok spearheads our DPA segment and brings incredible vision and business acumen to his role. He helped develop and launch some of the strategic go-to-market strategies including Appeals and Grievances, Pega Smart Claims Engine, and Intelligent Automation.

Alok holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering and Management Kolaghat (CEMK), West Bengal, India, and started his journey with Virtusa in 2019, as a known voice of the Pega community. He is a chief architect with key certifications such as - PegaSystems certified Lead System Architect, TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect, PAHM certified Healthcare Professional, AWS certified Solution Architect, and SAFe certified Agilist.

His innate leadership qualities, expertise, and vast technological knowledge have helped steer client’s healthcare transformation journey. While Alok has complimented Virtusa’s healthcare and life sciences sales team leveraging his solution acumen on DPA, he has also been instrumental in defusing the Code Red programs of the delivery organization. Apart from such handholding with the sales and delivery teams, he has always been a trailblazer of innovation.

One of his passionate and innovative contributions to Virtusa is the AI-powered healthcare Pega Solution – Appeals & Grievances (A&G). Virtusa’s A&G is an AI and ML-based solution that provides intuitive and guided workflows to help users navigate through the complex case life cycle. With machine learning at its core for decision making, the solution will enable medical directors to make smarter decisions. Alok is an achiever par excellence and has published a whitepaper and a thought leadership article around the Appeals and Grievances solution.

Championing success, Alok always indulges in exploring the extremes of technology and the advancement of the healthcare industry. He has been invited as a speaker at multiple global technology events hosted by PegaWorld, RobotForum, and Software AG. His passion for technology is so much that he is always enthusiastic about anchoring various corporate events and contributing his bit of knowledge to it. Virtusa’s NeuralHack and Business Cipher had the great opportunity to have him as an anchor and host the event.

Alok has been a great inspiration to all of us and contributes to the company’s growth. He is an innovator and an invaluable asset to us, our clients, and the entire tech community. His contribution to Virtusa has helped us grow at the technology wing and witness innovation and excellence at par. 

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