Cloud transformation

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Cloud Transformation Services

Ensuring business agility and leveraging digital technologies to drive revenue growth and improved customer experience are the driving forces behind the ongoing adoption and optimization of cloud transformation capabilities.

Virtusa’s Enterprise Transformation & Cloud Modernization offerings ensure companies realize the full value of their transformation to cloud by delivering services focused on:

  • Strategic, advisory solutions for their ever-evolving, unique and multi-cloud strategies
  • Use of accelerators, automation, and AI to improve the security, efficiency and velocity of cloud migration and modernization
  • Implementing comprehensive cloud strategies addressing governance, sovereignty, compliance, and cost management.
  • End-to-end cloud modernization services at scale, leveraging global talent and current hyperscaler solutions.
  • Bringing domain expertise across a wide range of industries to drive client differentiation and solve the most pressing business challenges in  these industries.

As cloud computing moves to a more optimized state, companies will continue to leverage a multitude of public, private, hybrid, and edge computing solutions to diversify their products and services, and bring flexible and secure solutions closer to their customers.   Virtusa’s Enterprise Transformation & Cloud Modernization offerings lead companies toward achieving a strong cloud ROI and transformative business-based results. Our Cloud capabilities are built on a set of robust offerings, services, solutions and domain expertise that drives and realizes the value proposition of the cloud for our clients.

Cloud Transformation Services
What can Cloud Transformation do for you?

Virtusa’s Cloud Transformation engagements enable continued cloud adoption while modernizing applications in the cloud.

We have a record of providing our clients with more significant business growth and cost savings. Virtusa’s delivery of ‘start right and end right’ migration-based governance models ensure flawless execution of cloud adoption and transformation.

Our experience-led business and technical acumen lead to better transformational outcomes for our clients at every stage of their cloud adoption journey across:

  • Advisory
  • Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Migration
  • Modernization
  • Operations

Virtusa has refocused on its Cloud Economics services and has embedded cloud economics across all cloud offerings and solutions to ensure that our client’s business outcomes are cost-optimized, cost-effective, and cost-managed from day one. The cost-first paradigm leads all Virtusa-led cloud migrations and modernization offerings. We design, architect, and implement cloud strategy in a cost-optimized manner from day one.


Rethink your business agility with Cloud Transformation

Virtusa partners with its clients to drive their enterprise transformation agendas by addressing their primary cloud technology needs, including: 

  • Increased adoption of multi-cloud strategies: our clients are increasingly using multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) to diversify their cloud services, increase redundancy, and avoid vendor lock-in

  • Hybrid cloud approaches: many clients are taking a hybrid cloud approach, where they use both public cloud services and private cloud infrastructure to balance costs and flexibility

  • Serverless computing: allows our clients to run code without managing servers or infrastructure

  • Focus on security and compliance: our clients increasingly emphasize cloud security and compliance by taking measures such as data encryption, identity and access management, and regulatory compliance frameworks

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning: our cloud partners are increasingly offering AI and machine learning tools to enable our clients to leverage large data sets for insights, automation, and other customer-buying data


Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Transformation services

Achieve greater agility, scalability, and cost savings while enabling your organization to take advantage of new technologies and innovations that are available in the cloud.

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