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Audits are synonymous with cumbersome, extended work hours, more manpower, a pinch of frustration, and a good serving of anxiety. Well, being experts in healthcare and life sciences technology, we cannot let you continue to go through this unpleasant experience. Now, no wonder the audit industry is moving towards technology-driven solutions that ensure efficiency! Manual sampling and auditing are time-consuming and limit the ability to analyze large volumes of data, leaving critical information undetected. The world needs a platform that defines, measures, and tracks data to ensure a seamless auditing experience and produce quality assurance.


Virtusa’s Intelligent Audit Platform (IAP) - a solution that provides real-time reports with the help of automated and guided processes, helping you to easily track and monitor the audit process all from a centralized system. You will increase audit efficiency with more accessible work allocation, simplified discrepancy tracking, and holistic views of defect information. In short, our platform will be tailored to your organization’s requirements, and all you have to do is assign a couple of systems to your auditors with access to the IAP platform, and our technology will take care of the rest. From collecting data from a randomized sampling population to generating a flawless report – everything is done by and within the platform. 

The solution is fully compatible with audit regulations prescribed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and MTM (Member Touchpoint Measures) prescribed by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), etc. Thus, having a direct impact on the healthcare payers’ star rating that is credited by the American government.

Industry Challenges

Let us look at the challenges that are faced during the auditing process:

High turnaround time
Manual sampling and auditing - this sequence of events demands time. Hence the high turnaround time. The absence of service level agreements, reminders, and automated escalations results in delays.

Manual sampling
It is unpardonable to choose manual audit sampling in this age of technology; unfortunately, it is one of the major challenges faced by organizations. Manual audit sampling leads to operational inefficiencies. Effort-intensive tasks to gather the population for the manual sampling for every audit run is a liability in this fast-paced world.

Financial implications
Low audit scores (error in the calculation) may result in potential brand damage, followed by fines and penalties for non-compliance. Process bottlenecks and increased resources to perform audit processes lead to higher costs.

Impact on productivity
Inconsistent work distribution among auditors and email communication make tracking difficult. Often actions taken while auditing are not recorded, which hinders the overall assessment.

Data security
Manual intervention results in a risk to data security. The audit data is protected health information (PHI) information which is highly sensitive and requires security restrictions. It is mandatory to have “auditory only” access to this kind of data.

Disparate systems
It is a common practice to assess documents from multiple systems despite the increased time and effort. The nature of the audit process is such that the data for the audit needs to be accessed and collated from various disconnected systems.

Salient Features of Virtusa's IAP

Now we will tell you the how of IAP. The following features make our solution serve you with an effortless auditing experience: 

  • Initial setup and configuration
    The initial setup and configuration functionality allow the business organization to set up a new Audit Program based on various audit properties such as Line of Business, Functional Area, and Type of Audit. Moreover, it enables the user to schedule the audit or set the audit to recur based on the business requirements.
  • Sampling
    Automation is the key. Our solution offers highly customizable and extendable data sampling features supporting both manual and automated sampling functionality.  Based on the requirements of the audit program, our solution offers various methods of defining the type of sampling data that needs to be pulled. In addition to this, our solution is extendable to various sampling algorithms and can also integrate with any sampling engines or systems to retrieve the data. 
  • Source document retrieval
    Virtusa’s IAP uses Pega robotics-driven RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to retrieve source documents. This helps with faster auditing without accessing multiple systems.
  • Audit distribution
    Your company can achieve increased productivity using intelligent work distribution. The role-based work allocation features allow real-time updates.
  • Audit workflow
    This solution offers holistic, smart checklists to capture discrepancies. Robust and organized processes translated into workflows.
  • Scoring and reporting
    Real-time reports and monitoring allow you to take informed decisions by auto-generating 'Accuracy' and 'Timeliness' scores.
One of a Kind Platform

Our solution is unique. It offers a comprehensive centralized solution to conduct and manage all types of audits for an organization. We achieve that with the following:

Centralized scalable platform

Holistic and quick access to audit data

Intuitive audit workflows

Robust service level agreements and escalation strategy

Reusable architecture

Automated and guided process

High returns on investment

Intelligent, efficient work distribution and management

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