Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM)

A unified platform that modernizes all aspects of your complex provider relationships

Virtusa's Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution can be built upon leading enterprise BPM and SFA platform capabilities. PLM addresses the many challenges Payers face in Prospecting, Contracting, Onboarding, Credentialing, Pricing Configuration and Servicing for Providers.

Provider Lifecycle Management provides payers with an insightful dashboard that enables them to manage their provider onboarding more effectively. PLM helps you achieve reduced Provider onboarding times, improved Provider satisfaction and reduced operational costs across multiple departments, while improving accuracy of Provider data.

Product overview

A unified platform that modernizes all aspects of your complex provider relationships

With Virtusa Provider Lifecycle Management, you can address the multiple challenges you face in each of these phases and manage your provider network effectively

    Expand your Provider Network by recruiting providers seamlessly using eForms and high quality prospecting data

    Expedite the legal contracting process using electronic application, eSignatures, and seamless integrations with multiple enterprise contracting systems

    Improve the quality, accuracy, and speed of downstream processes by gathering the right information upfront

    Automate and accelerate the tedious processes of credentialing providers using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Improve the speed and quality of loading demographic and complex pricing information into multiple downstream systems and directories by standardizing the data

    Create transparency into the overall onboarding process for providers, provider services, and internal departments through a unified and accessible platform
Provider Lifecycle Management - Product overview

Product Features

Product Experience

With Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM), managing provider relationships no longer needs to be an expensive, inefficient and time consuming process.

PLM provides you the ultimate 360 degree view, helping you make informed decisions on the go. It's time to work smarter!

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Provider Onboarding at Greater than 50% faster speed

With the technology moving fast why do payer networks need to wait for 50+ days to be onboarded. With effective workflow and intelligent automation opportunity of speed opens up.


Smart Business Rules and Intelligent Case Routing with Pega

PLM leverages Pegasystems’ core Pega PRPC and Healthcare Industry Foundation Product capabilities to address the many challenges Payers face in Prospecting, Contracting, Credentialing and Pricing Configuration for Providers. The solution is built applying deep industry knowledge to deliver a product that is ready to streamline operations across the provider lifecycle ensuring increased Payer satisfaction, improved efficiency and reduced onboarding time.

Provider Lifecycle Management


Virtusa is HITRUST CSF Certified for information security on the following platforms:  Active Directory, Endpoints, and Network Devices. The HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that the organization’s application development, testing, production support, and infrastructure management services teams have met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and are appropriately managing risk.

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It’s time to work smarter!

With a unified platform that modernizes all aspects of your complex provider relationships.

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