CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM)

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Patient safety and quality of care are key drivers in healthcare reform, and organizations like The Joint Commission (TJC) have developed accreditation policies to ensure that hospitals comply with well-established safety and clinical standards. Strict submission deadlines and revisions notwithstanding. Hospitals need smarter processes that optimally utilize the massive inflow of patient data while containing compliance-related costs.

Virtusa helps alleviate the pains of regulatory reporting with the CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM) and CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures (CDeQM) solution. This solution, in partnership with IBM, supports CMS compliance and core measure reporting requirements. It provides accurate, on-time, and comprehensive records making it the tool of choice for regulatory reporting.

Our reporting solutions help hospitals report to CMS to receive incentives through the hospital quality reporting programs.

CareDiscovery Quality Measures (CDQM)

CDQM combines patient data from different sources such as patient billing systems and EHRs, to define data elements needed for abstraction of clinical quality measures. It helps hospitals achieve compliance with CMS and TJC to protect market share. Using the optional concurrent or expedite modules, CDQM enables hospitals to analyze health cases while patients are still in-house and care is being delivered, giving providers the opportunity to improve quality and patient outcomes for the future.

CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures (CDeQM)

CDeQM provides a comprehensive data submission manual that defines the data elements needed for calculation of electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs).

Measuring and reporting eCOMs allows hospitals to deliver effective, safe, efficient, patient-centric, equitable, and timely care.


  • Increased patient satisfaction by improving care
  • Improve quality of care by allowing providers to focus more on patient care while reducing administrative work
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by making on-time submission to CMS and TJC
  • Streamline workflows by customizing abstraction of data (CDQM only)
  • Compare against benchmarks to identify and measure performance
  • Save time by identifying data issues before submissions

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Care Discovery Electronic Quality Measures Mandatory Disclosure
Certificate of EHR Compliance: EHR Module (Inpatient) IBM CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures

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