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There’s a spark that’s igniting the world through boundless innovation and endless discovery.

The spark? Generative AI.

The impact this technology is making on our lives, in how we work and carry out personal tasks, is undeniable. The time for organizations to act is right now because, according to our research, roughly 80% of workers and 93% of leaders are optimistic that AI will enable them to accomplish more tasks at work.1

But with the widespread power comes the need for responsible usage. According to Gartner®, “By 2026, 90% of organizations will suffer more than 10 production-impacting events annually due to insufficient GenAI skills and testing investments.”2  

Say hello to Helio

The catalyst for achieving enterprise AI at scale

Virtusa Helio is an AI-first set of services, offerings, and solutions that use generative AI technologies at their root to accelerate outcomes. Wherever your enterprise is on your generative AI journey, Virtusa Helio has a genAI offering that’s right for you. Drive innovation, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in your industry with our solutions. And count on our Engineering First approach to deliver solutions that work in the real world.

Platforms and accelerators

Our platforms and accelerators help enterprises innovate using genAI and drive engineering efficiencies through the software development and maintenance life cycle. They automate tasks, generate insights, provide assistance, and enable creativity to keep your competitive edge.

Helio Innovate brings together Virtusa’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) and a rich generative AI experimentation ecosystem to enable ideation and prototyping using traditional and generative AI. Helio Innovate accelerates innovation through:

  • Rapid ideation and prototyping using a wide choice of Foundation Models, vector databases, NLP algorithms, and configuration setups

  • Out-of-the-box evaluation of LLM responses across multiple parameters, which helps in LLM selection

  • Combining traditional AI models with generative AI foundation models to power use cases end-to-end

  • A controlled and isolated sandbox with enhanced security controls that limit access to sensitive resources and data and prevents conflicts with other software systems

Helio Build is an array of tools developed by Virtusa to accelerate greenfield development using the power of generative AI. It provides acceleration for multiple aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) – requirements, coding, unit testing, and assurance – by incorporating generative AI for:

  • Streamlining the extraction and interpretation of user needs, reducing manual efforts and errors

  • Automating the creation of design mock-up’s, wireframes, and architectural diagrams based on user specifications and design patterns

  • Aiding in code generation, code completion, unit test generation, and bug detection, reducing manual effort and enhancing code quality

  • Generating automated test cases directly from the requirements document, ensuring high levels of coverage

Helio Enhance brings the power of generative AI to accelerate the modernization of legacy systems. Modernization efforts have varying degrees of complexity and scale based on the size and stack of the source system and the desired target state. Helio Enhance provides the framework for employing LLMs to accelerate a wide variety of such efforts by:

  • Internalizing the modernization approach laid out for the initiative through detailed understanding of specific tasks around analysis, development, and assurance including personas involved in each of those tasks

  • Analyzing the body of work entailed by each task and identifying generative AI interventions that the task can benefit from

  • Adapting existing Helio Enhance accelerators that use generative AI for legacy modernization to fit the specific client need; or development of a new accelerator if needed 

  • Interleaving Helio Enhance accelerators into the modernization approach by enabling various personas to use these accelerators

Helio Operate brings generative AI and AIOps together to set up intelligent operations, automating use cases to an extent that was previously not possible. Helio Operate includes a growing list of solutions that help with use cases, such as:

  • Understanding tickets and providing steps for execution to resolve those tickets

  • Automatically generating new knowledge articles,  reducing the effort required to create and enhance your knowledge base

  • Analyzing logs attached to a specific incident to provide deeper context about the root cause of the issue described in the incident

  • Reducing human effort and improving resolution rates with generative AI-powered chatbots for service desks and other operational settings

  • Interpreting email-based queries from customers and using sentiment-based analysis to auto-categorize them into incidents and requests

Helio offerings: Blueprints for your enterprise

To guide our clients on this genAI journey, we have structured our offerings around four key areas:

How can Virtusa help?

Technology evolves rapidly. Virtusa will advise on new approaches, discuss possibilities, and help build generative AI solutions with increasing levels of sophistication. We will be fully transparent, drive even higher levels of engineering efficiency, and maintain strong governance through our implementation frameworks; that’s our genAI promise. 

Our dedicated generative AI center of excellence (CoE) is the keystone to your success, with engineers trained in generative AI usage, real-world solutions developed, and continuous exploration of new models and techniques. Virtusa’s expertise spans industries and functional areas, and we are constantly investing in solution skills such as content analysis, model selection, prompt engineering, vector embedding, model evaluations, model training, fine-tuning, and more.

Our Engineering First approach empowers us to engineer better solutions.
Because everything we build, solve, and scale is powered by our engineering mindset.

Say goodbye to the past and say hello to Helio.


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