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Embracing generative AI

A unique moment of workplace optimism

A generative AI strategy starts with an engineering mindset

We are at a unique moment: Across generations, levels, and genders, workers and leaders are already using generative AI to unlock innovation and be more productive. The age of generative AI isn’t about replacing humans. It’s about enhancing them and amplifying their potential.

What you’ll find inside: 

  • It’s not all doom and gloom as far as generative AI is concerned
  • Generative AI is already saving a significant amount of time so more can get done
  • Optimism is unevenly distributed
  • Gender differences can significantly affect view

The journey from testing to implementation should underscore this synergy of people and machines. In our reasearch of workplace attitudes towards generative AI in U.S., the results are positive.

For organizations to thrive in this rapidly changing environment, leaders must clearly communicate their vision to workers and form a clear plan that bridges the gap between code and community. The future belongs to those who embrace generative AI and the positive impact it can have on their business. Now is the time for all stakeholders to shape that future together. Because, in a digital landscape that’s constantly changing, Virtusa knows that for AI transformation to last it requires putting Engineering First. 
Let’s dive in