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Accelerating product innovation and leveraging cutting-edge solutions

Virtusa's High Tech and consulting services practice delivers innovative solutions, exceeding customer expectations by streamlining development costs.

Leveraging over 15 years of dedicated service to global high-tech clients, Virtusa is a reliable choice for seamless digital engineering services. We empower clients in the technology, information services, and high tech sectors, accelerating product implementation and ensuring a smooth transition into the digital realm.

As a strategic partner, Virtusa enhances products and services, leveraging key industry drivers like digital transformation, generative AI, application modernization, hyperautomation, and low-code/no-code development to navigate complex digital transformations and ensure uninterrupted business operations.




Elevating High Tech excellence through Virtusa's strategic solutions

Product engineering excellence

Collaborative innovation: Virtusa partners with clients to amplify Product Engineering initiatives, from conception to support, deploying scalable talent and industry best practices.

Data and analytics empowerment

Dynamic data ecosystem: Virtusa crafts value-driven, AI-enabled data ecosystems, enhancing decision-making throughout customer journeys and diverse use cases.

GenAI innovation

Pioneering solutions: Virtusa's commitment to generative AI drives transformative partnerships, focusing on Business Advisory, Technology Advisory, Experimentation and Build, and Operate and Optimize.

Cloud transformation leadership

Value realization: Virtusa's Enterprise Transformation and Cloud Modernization services ensure clients fully realize the value of their cloud journey.

Test automation excellence

Seamless transition: Virtusa leads enterprises in achieving automation excellence through advanced capabilities like AI computer vision, OCR, ML, and NLP.

MarTech mastery

Exceptional customer experience: Virtusa is the go-to choice for marketing leaders seeking unparalleled MarTech expertise and industry insights.

Creative design amplification

Comprehensive MarTech suite: Virtusa's acquisition of Factor Creative enhances our end to end MarTech offering, incorporating brand identity, strategy, creative, and marketing analytics services.

Enterprise applications excellence

Comprehensive approach: Virtusa's application engineering spans agile frameworks, AI, 3D printing, and augmented/virtual reality, supporting the entire product life cycle.

Strategy and consulting impact

Enduring business value: Virtusa's talent and tool-agnostic approach enables businesses to attain enduring value through digital transformations.

Digital Ops

E3 methodology: Guided by the execute–engage–energize methodology, Virtusa's digital operations enhance time to market efficiency.

Scaled Ops

Streamline your business with our scalable and scaled operations, customized for quality and efficiency. OPTIMIZE, TRANSFORM, and GROW!

Content and linguistic services

Elevate engagement and compliance with integrated content operations, featuring multi-format review, moderation, and creative services, with a focus on UX design.


At Virtusa, innovation is at the core of who we are – we go beyond being a mere service provider. Our high tech clients are trailblazers in their fields, crafting ground-breaking products that revolutionize information access, communication, healthcare, and more. We're improving services globally, one innovative solution at a time.

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Why choose Virtusa?

Client-centric approach

Your vision is our mission. We tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs.

Award-winning innovation

Recognized for excellence, our innovative solutions set industry benchmarks.

Global presence, local expertise

With teams across the globe, we bring a balance of global insights and local expertise.

Empowering global businesses with transformative solutions

Read more about how Virtusa partnered with businesses to modernize core systems, drive business transformation, and revolutionize markets through pioneering technologies.

Our insights

Virtusa's technology and industry experts share knowledge on tackling today's business and digital transformation challenges. Obtain essential tips and insights to inspire new thinking, avoid pitfalls, and drive higher results.

Meet our team

Sumit Kaushik

Sumit Kaushik

Business Unit Head - Technology, Information Service, Media & Entertainment

Ravi Govil

Ravi Govil

Senior Vice President,
Engineering & Chief Architect

Chris Henningsen

Chris Henningsen

Senior Vice President,
Head of Sales,
Technology, Information, Media & Entertainment (TIME)

Rajesh Chandra

Rajesh Chandra

Senior Vice President,
Client Services 

Siddhartha Chakravarty

Siddhartha Chakravarty

Vice President,
Head of High Tech & ISV Sales

Puspesh Dwivedi

Puspesh Dwivedi

Vice President,
Client Services

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