Innovating with digital the right way

A playbook for success in MedTech 

A Playbook for Success in MedTech - Webinar

The life sciences and MedTech industries are on a pathway to rapid digital transformation. Whether you’re in manufacturing, supply chain, commercial and R&D, or digital health, technology-led innovation can drive tangible value. Watch the replay of aour fireside chat where we learned from industry leaders how to uncover frameworks to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges that block digital transformation in leading organizations.

During the fireside chat, you will hear diverse perspectives and unfiltered stories about the role of digital transformation and innovation to improve patient care, clinician support, and achieve transformative business outcomes.

You will learn:

  • How to tell if you’re using your digital transformation strategy to maintain defensive status quo positions of market share, competitive position, clinical benefits, or to create truly new and differentiated value through an offensive stance
  • Best practices and frameworks for innovation through ideation, execution, launch, and support
  • Navigating organizational change management as a key success factor in digital transformation
  • How the best in business leverage partners to accelerate innovation and drive top-tier market results

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