Inventory management services

A strategic choice to effectively manage inventory 

Business inventory is one of the most valuable assets for it estimates future demands. Conversely, a shortage of stock in times of need can be highly detrimental to your business. A robust inventory management system gives businesses the flexibility in updating, deleting, or appending content in the catalog resulting in engaging content throughout the customer's digital journey across all channels.

Key features

Virtusa’s expertise around the Inventory Management Services assists our clients in efficiently analyzing and managing optimal inventory that can help save cost. our services are broadly classified as:              

  • Inventory categorization and tracking –we provide automation solutions that oversee a complex chain of operations such as storage, replenishment, classification, warehousing, turnover, and tracking.
  • Reconciliation forecasting – we help analyze past data, trends, and forecast Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to predict future sales.
  • Analytics – we gather structured and unstructured data from the various systems in the organization, information from the market, and social media, among others, to overcome the challenges of structuring, managing, analyzing, and delivering objective-based business insights.
  • Seller onboarding – we support businesses coordinate all seller onboarding processes, track, measure, evaluate, report disputes, performance, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Product support – we can equip your business with excellent products and technical skills for the best customer service experience.
  • Quality feedback – we provide expertise in areas of quality assurance and services.
  • Assurance cycle compliance and audit – we assist in regulatory or compliance-based audit and assurance to ensure companies follow guidelines, rules and policies, and financial standards.
  • Monitoring - Cloud-based real-time monitoring provides effective inventory management.
Inventory Management Services - Key Feartures
Success story

Ensuring optimum content relevancy

Our client, the world’s leading hi-tech conglomerate, wanted to enhance their user experience by creating relevant and contextualized content and solving ad-revenue problems. As the preferred partner, Virtusa offered ad curation services which enabled the client to address 10.1 million URLs each year and increase its traffic by 27%. We improve the quality leads by 34%, content relevancy by 75%, and ensuring an improved user experience.



Success story

Transforming user experience

Our client, a global hi-tech company, urgently needed to optimize the user experience and search relevancy with utmost quality. Virtusa offered ad rating services and rated 20.4 million ads to enhance AI & ML capabilities. By constantly maintaining a 98% quality target, we helped the client expand their operations to EMEA and Japan.


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