Multimedia content moderation

Boost the quality and relevance of your digital ads for a standout customer experience

Powerful digital advertising begins with compelling, top-quality, on-brand content. Virtusa’s Get a thorough evaluation of your online ads across channels and devices in the language of your choice to deliver accurate, customized, and optimized content for users. 

Multimedia content moderation offers the most coherent knowledge process outsourcing services, which include a range of sophisticated research and analysis services specially designed for your business.

Our global team of multi-lingual, tech-proficient analysts uses analytical, logical, and intellectual skills to deliver the best quality content in line with the client’s protocols. Our multimedia content moderation  KPO started its journey with a team of 50 analysts in 2015 and now has more than 500 analysts working across different verticals. 

We evaluate multiple types of tasks generated based on videos, audio, and text-based content and review them in the context of the user. Our detailed analysis helps ensure your ad comes up in paid listings and fulfills your objective. 

Content review services
Content review services

The success of ad campaigns relies heavily on proper image selection.

Our raters leverage analytical, logical, and intellectual skills to assess and help you effectively promote your message optimized for various channels and devices. We analyze and rate regular images and dynamic images for:

  • Ad creative title
  • Ad creative description
  • Landing page URL
  • Image URL
  • Relevance
  • Policy
  • Visual appeal
Content rating services
Content rating services

Relevant search result creates a positive impression. The lack of it can ruin customer experience.

We help you display the right ads for the right channel by rating search results across:

  • Text content: Content published on a search result page based on advertiser’s keyword in context to the user’s query
  • Mobile app content: Commonly used mobile applications such as gaming apps, apps on music or banking, etc.
  • Audio/video content: Review for clarity, originality, storyline, placement of breaks, sensitivity, and relevance
  • QR content: Content appearing on scanning a QR code via a mobile QR scanner
  • Image content: Review for clarity, text legibility, and if it contains any sensitive or provocative content
Content curation services
Content curation services

We work round the clock on millions of requests for content curation every month to create content that is extremely accurate and relevant for users.

Our dynamic dashboards offer business insights to frontline managers and help them in making data-driven informed decisions.

Our diverse multimedia content-related services are spread across:

  • Ads extensions: Involves researching websites and highlighting business offerings to customers
  • Ads suggestions: Includes development of attention-grabbing text ads suggestion for various advertisers
  • Ads descriptions: Includes writing meaningful descriptions for highlighted extensions 
  • Price extensions: Focuses on showcasing advertiser’s offering along with prices in search ads


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