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Most modern organizations face challenges in overcoming traditional knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) barriers.

Knowledge process outscourcing service workers

 Manual processes combined with people-centric transactional ownership cause additional burdens for businesses. That’s why digital transformation tools are essential to effectively lower costs, reduce time to market, and enhance insights into the market and customers. Companies must implement digital operations' strategies to have a significant business impact on the top line to overcome internal restrictions on implementing cost-effective digital operations' services.

Virtusa’s digital operations includes digital automation, complete business ownership, cognitive intelligence use, and data-centric business automation implementation for holistic business scalability and resilience. Our digital engineering tools and optimization techniques can grow your operations quickly and improve your internal teams’ quality, productivity, and retention. We have helped our clients to achieve:

  • 20% to 30% cost reduction
  • 25% to 30% productivity gain

Virtusa’s digital operations services

Virtusa advocates an execute–engage–energize (E3) methodology, which focuses on building relationships and collaborations to deliver excellent outcomes. The E3 methodology provides actionable insights into core process gaps, internal processes, and service design to improve time to market significantly. Virtusa’s operational rigor provides a digitally-engineered, first-time-right result using a portfolio of business transformation services to deliver a superior customer experience with intelligent insights. 


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