Cloud business transformation

In today's dynamic digital terrain, navigating the cloud landscape demands more than just technology; it requires a strategic roadmap tailored to your organization's unique needs. Virtusa's Cloud Business Transformation offering elevates cloud adoption to a transformational level, and our strategy focuses on the value proposition of the cloud's role in helping companies meet their unique objectives.

Virtusa guides organizations through a comprehensive business transformation process

Harnessing a meticulous methodology that encompasses assessment, migration, and modernization.

From automated engineering to skill enhancement and ongoing operational support, our approach ensures a strategic trajectory toward success, enhancing capabilities and establishing a secure and compliant technology foundation for sustained growth.

Cloud Transformation Services
  • Customized solutions
    Recognizing the individuality of each organization, our cloud consulting services are crafted to address specific challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Whether you seek to accelerate cloud adoption, drive financial transparency, design a cloud operating model, develop a roadmap with business outcomes in mind, or optimize your existing cloud environment, we offer tailored solutions backed by expertise and cutting-edge tools.

    A primary work activity performed during this service is to leverage our total cost of ownership (TCO)/return on investment (ROI) tools to gather data and to add business, technical, and financial attributes to assess and/or validate a client's cloud adoption strategy in producing the business case and value proposition for cloud adoption.

  • Driving tangible business value
    At the heart of our offering lies a commitment to drive tangible business value. Our cloud business case and economics analysis transcend cost comparison, uncovering optimization and innovation opportunities. We craft cloud operating models, prioritizing user experiences and fostering seamless collaboration across teams. Our adoption roadmap ensures a smooth transition to the cloud, while our cloud operations and services center delivers ongoing support to maximize the value of your cloud investments.


Our offerings:

Cloud advisory:

Our mission is simple: to qualify and quantify the value proposition that cloud computing brings to the transformation of your business. As the cloud becomes increasingly important within all industries, its greatest impact lies in having a transformational impact on the business. Transformation extends beyond cost savings and reflects where true business agility and differentiation begin to occur. For many companies, these are the places where the cloud is driving revenue growth.

Cloud assessment:

Our comprehensive cloud assessment services utilize diverse assessment tools and techniques to analyze organizational processes, technology infrastructures, and security policies, accelerating cloud adoption by capturing the current state, identifying gaps, and proposing targeted actions for improvement.

Cloud economics:

Our cloud financial management services focus on optimizing cloud spend by assessing business outcomes, analyzing cost savings, and establishing governance mechanisms.   Through the development of business cases and TCO/ROI calculations, we design comprehensive financial plans, address ongoing costs, and provide directionality for when, where, and how to adopt cloud computing, with a focus on achieving outcomes aligned with executive-level business goals.

Cloud operating model:

Our cloud operating model design enhances human experiences through multidisciplinary approaches, leveraging innovative diagnostic tools and automated processes enabled by DevOps. We pilot customized solutions to ensure alignment with your organization's needs, fostering a multi-modal information technology (IT) environment for long-term success.

Cloud roadmap:

Our cloud adoption roadmap aligns business outcomes, offering tailored guidance on cloud technology delivery models and vendor selection. We provide comprehensive assistance in strategy, planning, migration suitability assessments, and application strategies, backed by robust implementation plans that address governance and security and ensure future-ready cloud solutions.

Cloud center of excellence:

Our cloud strategy services establish a centralized cloud center of excellence (CCoE), streamlining cloud efforts and enhancing governance to achieve business outcomes while optimizing financial and security protocols. Through continuous monitoring and program management strategies, we ensure successful cloud transformation and ongoing support for scalable, frictionless operations.

Empower your organization to thrive in the cloud era with our comprehensive Cloud Business Transformation program. Let's chart a course to unlock new possibilities and propel your business towards a brighter digital future.

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