Cloud application transformation

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Adaptability and innovation are essential to a thriving enterprise in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Decision-makers at enterprises recognize this, and many refer to cloud modernization and migration as top priorities for information technology (IT) and operations teams. Virtusa's application modernization and migration services provide the roadmap to reimagine and revitalize your business and IT functions and leverage an accelerated and efficient approach to transform legacy platform-based enterprise applications.

Virtusa's pattern-based approach

Effectively addressing the challenges of legacy application modernization and migration necessitates meticulous planning, a well-structured strategy, and the right tools and expertise.

Virtusa follows a systematic pattern-based architecture approach to modernize applications, and our approach adapts to the existing technology stack, business requirements, and goals. Below are some common architecture patterns we've adopted to modernize applications.

  • Make the data accessible: Serve all interested parties through versioned application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing fast evolution. Data is replicated and fed, allowing reliable operations.
  • Enhance legacy with event-driven design: Events at the core of the decoupled architecture enable real-time data interactions.
  • Strangle the monolith: Create atomic units by adopting macroservices and microservices to strangle portions of the monolith.
  • Automate legacy refactoring: Use automated refactoring mechanisms to translate and port the legacy into a modern language and ecosystem.
  • Implement modern user interface (UI) technologies: Use modern technologies to create newer user experiences (e.g., push notifications).
Cloud Application Transformation

Charting a clear path forward

While modernization involves costs, time, and complexity, a well-defined business case justifies the investment. Not every application will require the same level of modernization, and our approach acknowledges this, focusing advanced modernization efforts where they will have the most significant impact: on the most business-critical applications.

From an engineering perspective, our approach moves to a high-performance end-state architecture that utilizes best-in-class cloud engineering principles. This approach lowers the cost of running the applications on the cloud and ensures the extensibility of the modernized applications to meet future business needs.

These often include applications developed and maintained on legacy mainframe infrastructure, where upgrading the architecture is essential to meet evolving business needs.

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