Enterprise cloud platform

As enterprises plan a new generation of digital transformation based on cloud services, they need to have the vision to build their future on an Enterprise Cloud Platform that leverages services from public cloud providers and industry clouds, then integrates this platform with legacy systems and the IP of the enterprise. 

Building a future-proof enterprise cloud platform is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Such a platform provides the foundation for innovation, scalability, agility, and flexibility, enabling organizations to adapt seamlessly to emerging technologies and market demands. It enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology trends and market dynamics, fostering innovation and competitive advantage.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

To design a future-proof enterprise cloud platform, our methodology and offering focus on several key components:

  • Innovation readiness: Creating an environment that supports continuous improvement and innovations, allowing the enterprise to leverage emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and generative AI (genAI) to stay ahead of the curve, enabling a marketplace of reusable assets across the enterprise for faster time to market of business solutions across various business units; making sure that the platform includes industry cloud-related assets that can accelerate the time to market of industry-specific market differentiators for the enterprise

  • Integration with legacy system and in-house innovation and customizations:  Designing and implementing a platform that integrates with legacy systems to provide a smooth transition for an evolutionary transformation approach, enabling the customization of internal assets that act as differentiators and making them available to all lines of business

  • Scalability: Designing the platform to easily upgrade or downgrade based on demand, ensuring it can accommodate growth and fluctuating workloads without significant reconfiguration or additional investment.

  • Flexibility and modularity: Ensuring the platform can support a diverse range of applications, services, and technologies using modular cloud design principles

  • Interoperability and open standards: Emphasizing compatibility with various systems, tools, and protocols to facilitate seamless integration and data exchange, making it easier to collaborate across platforms

  • Security and compliance: Implementing robust and adaptive security measures that can evolve with emerging threats, ensuring data protection, privacy, and compliance with current and future regulation

  • Cost-efficiency: Designing for operational and cost efficiency, ensuring the platform remains economically viable in the long term, with a clear return on investment (ROI)

Our approach involves conducting a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure, defining a rearchitected ecosystem based on modular cloud principles, and defining a roadmap for implementation and migration followed by an agile implementation phase.

We help our clients build a framework and blueprint that guides all future transformations

Incorporating industry cloud assets relevant to the organization's business operations.

This assures that the platform remains flexible and innovative, allowing growth as the business responds to the market.

Virtusa has built assets such as the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) that connects banks and financial services firms with third-party FinTechs to accelerate digital transformation, vLife, our Healthcare and life sciences marketplace for anyone who deals with data and data science, Corporate Treasury-as-a-Service, a cloud-hosted platform that transforms banks into a centralized treasury.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Depending on their domain and maturity, these assets help customers jumpstart their journey. In addition, we provide services to help set up Centers of Excellence (CoEs) that help with strategy, design, implementation, and the management and operation of such a platform. Apart from building a future-proof platform, our key differentiator is to assess the existing assets and refactor them, if feasible, to make them reusable and part of the platform.

Our evolutionary approach ensures minimal disruption to existing solutions but incrementally provides benefits to the business simultaneously.

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