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Enterprises not focusing on building the right skills, tools, and processes to support their cloud transformation journey ends with diminishing returns on their cloud investment. With technologies evolving at a shutter speed, these businesses cannot afford to be left behind. Hence, collaborating with a trusted Multi-cloud Operations services partner is pivotal. It enables scalability, resiliency, and elasticity from the cloud, eliminates these barriers, and maximizes business value.

Virtusa is a premier partner for AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our competencies span across technologies and industry verticals. We are a next-gen Multi-cloud Operations services partner that helps design, migrate, run, and optimize your cloud environments, including data, infrastructure, and applications. We provide end-to-end cloud operations services, cloud operations design, proven target operating models, best-of-breed security, and cost optimization tools.

Key features

Virtusa’s partnership with AWS, Azure, and GCP has executed 500+ projects worldwide. Some of our key enablers that help our clients design, build, and operate workloads on the cloud include:

  • Global command centers: Strategically located state-of-the-art facilities provide 24/7/365 coverage for clients

  • Services-based operating model: ITIL service management with a robust catalog of subscription-based services

  • Governance: Clearly defined zero-touch delivery governance with committed service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) tied to business impact severity

  • Continuous improvement services: A proven approach to optimize the operational steady state from reactive to predictive with a focus on financial management, cost optimization, and performance
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Our focus areas include:

Cloud monitoring and support

Configuration management

Automation and DevOps

Identity management


Cost optimization

Backup and disaster recovery

Hybrid and multi-cloud

Key benefits

Virtusa’s innovation culture delivers scale, security, and agility to our clients. Some of our successful implementations have resulted in:

  • 30% cost savings delivered
  • Improved service reliability
  • Improved optimization
  • Real-time proactive monitoring
Success story

Large clinical data management company reduces $17M cost by cloud optimization

Our client planned a digital transformation to optimize the cost of running IT infrastructure in its two data centers. They partnered with Virtusa to migrate the premise's Windows workload to AWS Cloud and codify
infrastructure deployment while integrating with the DevOps pipeline.

Virtusa built a robust and dynamic landing zone that will evolve with AWS over time and created target state architecture for each application. Our team of experts built a single-pane-of-glass of the cloud estate and insights, granular visibility of cost by region, tags, resource types, and assets for cloud optics visibility. They also optimized and right-sized underutilized instances, including automated provisioning. This helped increase the client save up to $17 Million and increased performance by 40%.

Success story

Diversified mining and mineral company saves cost by 43% and improves business agility

With a more robust system consisting of 120TB of data and over 900+ pipelines to manage, the client was left vulnerable to unforeseen issues. The client needed to recognize the most problematic items in the new environment pre-emptively.

Virtusa’s Google Cloud Managed Services team provided 24/7 support, monitoring, and management of the Google Cloud environment for all the required data pipelines and data. Our team implemented mature ITIL-based frameworks, SOPs, and a process for continuous clean-ups. The collaboration with Virtusa helped the client optimize cost, improve environment stability, automate compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and improve agility.

Success story

Leading ERP provider significantly saves cost with global cloud managed services

Due to a change in ownership, the client needed to move data from their current data center. Virtusa developed a migration strategy and compiled runbooks for business-critical requirements to address concerns for physical machine functions and create guidelines for the new specifications.

We deployed global cloud managed services comprising 24/7/365 support for the hybrid environment and consolidated dashboards to communicate overall environmental health. The collaboration helped the client successfully exit from the prior data center, get a fully operational new cloud environment post cutover, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Success story

Leading public transport corporation reduces operational cost by 50% by transitioning to AWS Cloud

The client embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance technology effectiveness and optimize costs for running the IT infrastructure landscape hosted in its two data centers. Virtusa migrated the client’s two data centers to AWS Cloud and enhanced their overall efficiency by 40% with cloud migration and managed services.

Our collaboration helped the client reduce operational cost, increase efficiency and turnaround time,

improve security, get dynamic disaster recovery while ensuring high availability and scalability.


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