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Vertical artificial intelligence (AI) solutions improve customer loyalty and business operations.

Virtusa’s Frank Palermo writes about vertical AI for CMSWire

May 30, 2024
Publisher: CMSWire

While horizontal products like ChatGPT, Gemini, Midjourney, and DALL·E have introduced millions of users to the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), the real power of the technology still lies ahead. It will arrive in the form of vertical AI. The emerging vertical AI solutions are tailored to address critical and industry-specific workflows, thus improving customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

Successful vertical AI companies will leverage proprietary industry data to train specialized large language models (LLMs) and develop applications that have pre-built workflows and functional modules. Additionally, expertise-enriched data will ensure that solutions remain relevant and contextual. Vertical AI solutions are poised to drive widespread adoption of AI in the coming years, promising to accelerate technological advancements across various sectors.

In a recent article for CMSWire, Virtusa’s Head of Consulting, Frank Palermo, discusses the next development in generative artificial intelligence (genAI): the verticalization and specialization of genAI.

The article examines the impact of genAI on various industries, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, and law.

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