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Virtual event

Appeals & Grievances Innovations for Medicare Plans: Improving ODAG & CDAG Readiness

ET (GMT-5:00/GMT-4:00)

Join us for this virtual event to gain insights from leading experts from MA plans and solutions providers.


Accelerating the digital future with 5G

GMT (GMT+0:00)

Join us for an interactive discussion to learn how you can design for the future and add connectivity to maximize enterprise value with 5G.


Why now is the best time to graduate with a degree in AI and Machine Learning

AST (GMT-4:00)

AI/ML is a high intensity industry word. The industrialization of these technologies is in the early stage and just accelerating. Academia, industries, and the start-up ecosystem are consistently evolving their efforts based on learning from implementation. However, the path to coded engineering discipline is still in the making.


Modern trends in data and analytics

AST (GMT-4:00)

Get familiarized with terminologies that apply to a modern data platform, the lifecycle of data from ingestion to consumption, technology and architecture evolution, and what organizations are looking to do with data.

Our panel will share industry trends in data and analytics, how technologies are adapting to increasing demands and complexity, and what lies ahead in the future.


What does IT expect from upcoming graduates/candidates?

AST (GMT-4:00)

Technology is driving deep transformation in commerce, healthcare, drug discovery, communications, and others. At the center of all these transformations lies the power of building products and services that are innovative and driven with core capabilities in data, storage, compute, and modern tech architectures. Every industry is looking for bright engineers, data scientists, UX experts, and other vital positions that help shape the future of technology. The need is real, and anyone who aspires to become a leading technologist has the opportunity to become one.

Our panel  will share a very clear understanding of what you need to be prepared for an exciting future, the analytical and basic engineering skills you need to acquire to be ready, and what launch and career paths we offer candidates.