White paper

Zero touch high-speed software testing with AI

Ramachandra Pachipulusu & RaviKumar Varikunta
Published: March 19, 2021
AI in Software Testing

With new software and product launches at breakneck speed, testers today need smarter solutions to address increasing software testing complexities and decreasing delivery time spans. AI and ML are unlocking new dimensions in software testing that can help businesses strengthen continuous testing pipeline and move faster towards zero-touch and autonomous testing. 

In our white paper, Ramachandra Pachipulusu, Senior director – Global Capability and Technical Solutions, Virtusa, and RaviKumar Varikunta, Senior Architect – Delivery, Virtusa, share common uses of AI and ML application in quality engineering and highlight how these technologies can enhance testing efficacy for businesses.

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Top use cases of AI/ML implementation in testing that highlight the efficacy of these technologies in strengthening continuous testing pipeline and enabling zero-touch and autonomous testing

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