Unlocking human potential with generative AI and an Engineering First mindset

Santosh Thomas,

Chief Executive Officer and
Executive Director

Published: May 24, 2024

Over the last two years, generative artificial intelligence (genAI) has captivated the business world like few technologies before. Many organizations are eagerly embracing this transformative technology, with the genAI market projected to skyrocket from $14 billion last year to $110 billion by 2030. However, the rush to be an early adopter has also meant dealing with a lot of uncertainty. GenAI technology is quickly getting more powerful, making it hard to keep up and predict the next big thing.

In this dynamic landscape, organizations need trusted guidance, informed insights, and practical solutions to help them effectively harness genAI’s potential. According to recent Virtusa research on workplace attitudes towards AI, 9 out of 10 workers and leaders believe that generative AI can make their organization more efficient. Moreover, 93% of leaders are optimistic that it will enable them to accomplish more while 75% of workers say it saves them an hour or more per day. But to realize those benefits, organizations will need strategy and engineering partners who understand both the technology and the business landscape and who can provide tailor-made solutions that deliver tangible results.

A next-generation genAI approach for achieving value

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Virtusa Helio, our suite of offerings, platforms and accelerators for generative AI built using an Engineering First mindset. Virtusa Helio combines cutting edge tools, world-class talent, and unique insights to help organizations navigate their genAI journey confidently by thinking about the end result right from the start. Whether an organization is just getting started or is looking to refine its approach, Virtusa Helio has an offering that can help unlock innovation and human potential.

Cutting-edge tools for implementation at speed and scale

Virtusa Helio simplifies cost-effective implementation at scale, whether you’re looking at a new project or modernization of existing systems. Customers often tell us they don’t know where to start or what will give them the best ROI. Moreover, a rushed project can lead to higher costs down the road: Gartner estimates that by 2026, 90% of organizations will suffer more than 10 production-impacting events a year due to insufficient investment in genAI skills and testing.

With our extensive libraries of industry use cases, scoring models, and prioritization tools, we can help chart a clear path forward. Our comprehensive knowledge base of genAI models can compute costs based on various factors, helping clients choose the approach that is right for them.

In today’s world, speed is critical. Our genAI accelerators and tools reduce project setup efforts by up to 30%. We folded our experimentation tool into our broader Open Innovation Platform, fostering collaboration and shared learning. Plus, we offer a suite of automation solutions compatible with industry-leading platforms including OpenAI, Vertex AI, Amazon Bedrock, open source and more.

Guided by human expertise

At the heart of successful genAI lies human intelligence and creativity. Virtusa Helio boasts teams of experts with deep industry knowledge and technical prowess. A commitment to continuous learning is a core value at Virtusa. In that spirit, we’ve trained more than 800 leaders across functions and geographies on genAI through a program from Kellogg Executive Education, in collaboration with Emeritus.

Virtusa Helio is well-equipped to guide your genAI journey, with more than 200 AI architects who specialize in neural networks, deep learning, generative AI, and math models, and who are joined by more than 450 genAI engineers who focus on large language model (LLM) usage, prompt engineering, pipeline orchestration, assisted engineering, and genAI assurance.

Industry-focused perspectives

Our deep domain and engineering expertise has always set us apart by enabling us to know our clients’ business inside out. Virtusa Helio brings that same industry focus to genAI across sectors like media and information services, education and publishing, healthcare and life sciences, and banking and financial services. Our study into genAI in the workplace, which focused mainly on those same industries, showed widespread optimism towards this revolutionary technology and provided further unique insights covered at length in a recent whitepaper.

In addition, we’ve honed our understanding and expertise in genAI through countless customer conversations, demos, and large-scale implementations. We’ve listened to their challenges, shared our informed perspective, and charted the way forward.

A terrific example of this in action is our work with PMI. PMI is a global not-for-profit that empowers professionals to excel in project management practices through a growing global community, knowledge sharing, and best-in-class certifications. Like most industries, the rise of genAI and the promise of increased productivity created a renewed sense of urgency for project professionals. They turned to PMI, needing and wanting to learn how to use genAI in their roles to be more effective, especially as some reports find that more than 70% of projects around the world and across industries fail to deliver their intended benefits, leading to delays and cost overruns. 

To address this, Virtusa helped deliver PMI Infinity, a genAI-powered, multilingual conversational assistant. The global launch of PMI Infinity reached over 40,000 users within four weeks of launch, highlighting its effectiveness and appeal to a diverse and global audience.

  • Here are just a few other real-world examples of how we’ve helped organizations use genAI to solve business challenges:
  • Summarization of long videos and powering smart video search for a large global tech firm
  • Scan images of an incident to describe damage and likely liability for a U.S. insurer
  • AI-assisted engineering in Chef to Ansible conversion for a global media and entertainment company
  • Upgraded customer chatbot with a focus on complex intents for a large global bank
  • Virtual assistant to help field specialists for a U.S. life sciences company resolve equipment issues

GenAI isn’t about nudging humans aside, it’s about amplifying human potential. The journey from testing to implementation of these powerful new tools should underscore this synergy of people and machines. As we stand on the cusp of the genAI revolution, Virtusa Helio is a trusted partner in harnessing this transformative technology to unlock growth, innovation, and human potential. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's shape the future of business together.


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