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Containers have emerged as a powerful technology for modernizing software development and deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Containers offer key benefits such as improved scalability, faster application deployment, lower infrastructure costs, and increased flexibility, making them an ideal solution for CTOs and business decision-makers looking to optimize their cloud computing strategies.

By leveraging Containers on AWS, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, faster time to market, and increased agility, thereby aiding them to stay competitive in today's digital landscape. Containers on AWS are backed by AWS container service's vast global infrastructure, consisting of approximately 80 Availability Zones (AZ) distributed across 25 Regions. 

Business drivers of Containers on AWS
  • Improved Scalability: Break down applications into smaller, more manageable components for quick and independent application scaling to quickly meet dynamic demands.
  • Faster Application Deployment: Enable developers to swiftly release new application features and updates for enhancing time to market to stay competitive 
  • Lower Infrastructure Costs:  Less resource-intensive and lightweight than traditional virtual machines (VMs), enabling multiple containers on the same infrastructure, reducing overall infrastructure costs, and improving efficiency
  • Increased Flexibility: Developers can build applications once and run them on any platform, reducing the risk of vendor lock-in and allowing greater flexibility regarding where and how applications are deployed


Additional information on AWS Container Services SLAs

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Why move to Containers on AWS


Cloud-based containerized apps are hosted on AWS


Fargate usage growth in one year


Year-over-year growth of AWS containers services

8 billion+

Amazon ECR image pulls per week


Amazon EKS usage growth in one year

100 million

Active tasks per week


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